Painting Honey Oak Cabinets

Stephanie Vainer

How to Get Quality Results

.1. Make sure you have quality materials like primer and a paint sprayer 2. You actually take the time to do the prep work like sanding (or if you’re not sanding, to clean and de-gloss the cabinets first) 3. It’s totally possible to paint oak cabinets, but if you aren’t into DIYing it yourself, make sure you find a professional painter who can..



1. Tack Cloth 2. Wood filler 3. Putty knife 4. Deglosser 5. High quality paint 6. Latex or oil-based primer (Zinsser BIN) 7. Paint sprayer 8. Mini foam roller 9. Paintbrush.

“There are many different types of primer, but the best primer for kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a Zinsser product..”

Stephanie Vainer

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