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Welcome to Cottage Living and Style, an online destination where modern families meet the charm and simplicity of small-space living. With a dedicated and rapidly growing audience, we specialize in delivering high-quality, engaging content focused on maximizing small living spaces. Our platform is a treasure trove of creative ideas, practical tips, and inspirational stories, all tailored to families who embrace the coziness and efficiency of compact homes.

By partnering with us, advertisers gain access to a niche, yet substantial market of enthusiastic readers who are actively seeking solutions for stylish, functional, and sustainable living. Our community values authenticity and innovation, making it an ideal audience for brands looking to showcase products and services related to home organization, interior design, eco-friendly living, and more.

At Cottage Living and Style, we offer a range of advertising opportunities, from featured articles, newsletter inserts, and sponsored content to visually-driven social media campaigns, all designed to effectively resonate with our audience. Join us in our journey to transform small spaces into delightful homes, and connect your brand with a passionate and engaged community.


Stephanie is the dynamic Editor-in-Chief and founder of “Cottage Living and Style,” whose recent venture into the digital world has created an unparalleled buzz. She is a true visionary who is rapidly reshaping the landscape of small-space living.

In late November 2023, Stephanie expanded her influence by launching a dedicated Instagram account that mirrors her passion for small-space living. What makes this venture noteworthy is the meteoric rise in her following – a staggering growth from 0 to over 75,000 followers in just a matter of weeks. This incredible surge is a testament to her engaging content and the growing public interest in compact, sustainable living.

Stephanie’s account offers more than just aesthetic inspiration; it’s a window into her life as the Editor of a popular lifestyle magazine, a devoted mother of two young children, and a creative individual who skillfully balances updating a quaint cottage and a tiny cabin. Her content resonates deeply with a broad audience, particularly moms seeking to embrace the charm and efficiency of living in smaller spaces.

Her approach is unique and highly relatable. Stephanie empowers her audience by sharing practical space-saving hacks, promoting a kid-friendly minimalist lifestyle, and advocating for the joys of simplified living. Her goal to inspire moms to not just accept, but love their smaller homes has struck a chord with thousands, creating a dedicated and rapidly growing community of followers who eagerly await her insights and tips.

For advertisers looking to connect with a passionate, engaged, and growing audience in the home and lifestyle sector, Stephanie offers an exceptional opportunity. Her influence extends beyond mere numbers; she has a genuine connection with her followers, making her an ideal partner for brands that align with her values of simplicity, functionality, and stylish living.

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