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Your Guide to Life in a Small Home

Hello! I’m Stephanie, a dedicated mom of two wonderful kids and a fur baby. Our journey with small-space living began in 2018 when we sold our small condo and embraced the charm of a little cottage nestled in the country. Over the years, with a mix of creativity and determination, I’ve transformed our cozy home through budget-friendly DIYs and hands-on renovations. Living in a small cottage taught us the value of organization, routine, and the art of small-space living.

My passion for small homes grew again in 2021 when the Tiny Island Cabin came into our lives. I learned to love an even smaller home, at just 400 sq. ft with its unique challenges and joys bringing a whole new perspective to life in small spaces. Since then, we’ve been on a mission, to not only live well in our small cottage and tiny cabin, but to share every tip, trick, and hack we learn along the way.

Our journey has now inspired thousands of Instagram followers, readers, and an ever-growing community of subscribers. I can’t explain how much you, our reader mean to us, and how much you truly inspire me every single day.

Thank you for being here.

Our Mission

To empower families, especially those who embrace connection and coziness, smaller homes bring, by offering tried-and-true strategies for not only thriving but creating a happy life in a small space. We are here to guide you through organizing, budget DIYs, and establishing routines, room by room. Plus, we dive into the art of raising a family, entertaining, and celebrating holidays in small homes.

Why Trust Me?

Living in a small space isn’t just a circumstance for us; it’s a chosen lifestyle, and we’ve faced and overcome many of the challenges it presents. Our hands-on experience and years of trial and error make us a wealth of knowledge, and as a mom, I know how important practical and actionable advice is. But above all, you’ll find a genuine love of small spaces, with tips meant for real life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Organization Skills: How to declutter and make the most of every nook and cranny.
  • Space Planning: Maximizing functionality without compromising aesthetics.
  • DIY and Renovation: Creative and budget-friendly ways to transform your space.
  • Time Management: Balancing family, work, and leisure in tight quarters.
  • Realistic Routines: Tips for maintaining harmony and your sanity in close living conditions.
  • Celebrations & Entertaining: Making holidays and gatherings memorable, even with limited space.
  • And Much More!

Join us on this journey of small-space living, and together, let’s turn challenges into opportunities and tight spaces into warm, loving homes. Welcome to our community!

We are also a proud Indigenous-owned, women-led lifestyle site.

Have nothing in your
houses, that you do not know
to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

– William Morris

Stephanie Vainer


Stephanie Vainer is the Editor-in-Chief of Cottage Living and Style. An Indigenous woman who grew up living in a little A-frame cottage on a native reserve in Ontario. She is also a former early years teacher with a degree in design.

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Ashley Field

Lifestyle Editor

Ashley Field, Lifestyle Editor, is our resident shopping expert and a constant source of inspiration for the blog. Her ability to foresee emerging trends is what makes her a trailblazer in our industry. Now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband, Ashley strives to live a carefree and beautiful life in her small home in the city.

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