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We are delighted to have you here and share our passion for the unique charm of Cottage Life. It’s a lifestyle that embraces the beauty of the great outdoors, the warmth of cozy interiors, and the rich traditions that have been passed down through generations.

We believe in sharing accessible, and relatable advice for cottage maintenance, DIY projects, design, and decorating. But most importantly, cottage traditions and activities are at the heart of our blog. From time-honored recipes and fishing expeditions to campfire stories and waterside games. Whether you’re a seasoned cottage-goer or a newcomer to life in the country, Cottage Living and Style is your go-to resource for slowing down and making room for what matters. Even if you have to carve out your own “Cottage Life” surrounded by more pavement than grass, we hope this inspires you.

As a child who grew up in Canada’s cottage country, with parents who retired early to live out their own dreams of cottage living, I was inspired by the simplistic and beautiful lifestyle.

So in 2018 my now husband and I sold our city condo for a modest three-bedroom cottage in the country. Five years later, with two kids, a dog, and two properties that we are slowly renovating ourselves, we are happily living out our very own cottage life dream.

Then in late October of 2021, I launched Cottage Living and Style, with hopes of sharing simple country pleasures and relatable and accessible design and DIY tips. I felt inspired by things like a fresh cucumber salad from your garden, the small town where locals are friendly, the sounds of loons and crickets over a peaceful lake, playing rainy day board games with the kids, and a cabin in the woods where the Wi-Fi is spotty.

My journey has now inspired thousands of Instagram followers, readers, and an ever-growing community of subscribers.

We are also a proud Indigenous-owned, women-led lifestyle site.

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Stephanie Vainer


Stephanie Vainer is the Editor-in-Chief of Cottage Living and Style. An Indigenous woman who grew up on a native reserve in Ontario, Canada, and a former teacher with a degree in design.

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Ashley Field

Lifestyle Editor

Ashley Field, Lifestyle Editor, is our resident shopping expert and a constant source of inspiration for the blog. Her ability to foresee emerging trends is what makes her a trailblazer in our industry. Now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband, Ashley strives to live a carefree and beautiful life in the city with all the same simple pleasures of cottage living.

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