How to find yourself and stay inspired in the age of social media.

Rules to stay inspired in the age of social media.

If anything self-isolation has given me the tools I need to figure out who I am and exactly what I have to offer the world. Being yourself can be hard especially this day in age when social media makes it really easy to be exactly like everyone else. For some time now I’ve felt a bit lost in terms of my creative endeavors. Unintentionally I find my work shaped by what I see, read or hear. Which is completely normal but I don’t want to lose sight of who I am and who I am to be. That’s why having boundaries is such an essential part of being yourself and an integral part of remaining true to who you are. 

I hate how Instagram has made me feel lately, I feel as if I’m running in a race I don’t want to be in. There’s always someone trying to up the ante and it feels kind of gross and dis-ingenuine. Don’t get me wrong I love to share but it’s exhausting trying to relate to every single person.

Then the other day I got a dm saying, “I know you’re trying to please everyone”. I thought about that message and how accurate it was, I was trying to relate to too many people and in turn, I was losing the things that separated me from everyone else. It’s rather ironic because the message had nothing to do with this topic, but I felt like I was finally understanding the reason why I’ve been feeling so drained lately.  

I started to challenge myself to speak my truth, and only share the things I truly love. It’s taken me on a journey of rediscovery and self-evaluation, and for the first time in a long time, I can clearly see who I am. There are a few things I can credit for helping me get back to my truth and those are the things I’ve been trying to focus on.

Things that have inspired me to be myself lately, 


First things first, I need to get off of social media even if it’s for a little bit. I first started by blocking off time in my day where I could turn my phone off and shove it in the drawer. That way I could have moments of clarity and focus on being present with my thoughts and family.

Write down your story and share what you love

I heard someone say on a podcast recently to find who you are you need to “write down your story and share the things you love”. Even thou they were talking about it in terms of business development it remains true to all aspects of life.

So I started writing down my story, from when I was a little girl and then the pivotal moments in my life and slowly I started to recognize myself again. You may like to read the same books as someone else or use the same products but what makes you different is your story, how to interpret the book or products and how you use your voice.

Last night I wrote mine, and it became really clear I needed to share more of those things on the blog.

“Without the things that make you different, you’re just like everyone else”

Listening to podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to introduce the topic of self-discovery while allowing you to feel connected to your journey. I love listening to other creatives, and and great motivators while I’m making breakfast for the family, cleaning the house or when I’m working out. It gives my mind a chance to wonder all while expanding on my sense of self. Some of my favorite podcasts for self development are:

Oprah’s Super Soul 

Oprah and Eckhard Tolle: A New Earth

Daring Greatly feat. Bene Brown

The Accidental Creative

Reading books

I have always loved self-development books, and I have a ton that I read quite often. The best part about reading these kinds of books is when you’re at a new stage in your life and you pick up a book that you’ve read before and suddenly it’s like reading with new eyes. There is usually something you new that wouldn’t have thought applied to you in the past. Some of my favorites:

The life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck

Get your sh*t together by Sarah Knight

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Dare to Lead by Bene Brown

Going outdoors

Changing up the scenery is essential to getting out of your own head, and even better if you do it without your phone. Lately being on my phone isn’t good for my mental wellbeing and the perfect reset I’ve learned is being in nature. Now that Spring is here I’ve been going outside at least an hour a day if not more, and I can’t wait to spend more time outside as the days grow warmer. A great way to bring yourself back is through your senses, so breathe in the scents around you, feel the sun on your face, and hear the sounds of the birds chirping. 

The effects of social media on inspiration.

Spending time with your loved ones

Studies have shown that human touch can be a powerful way to destress. A simple touch can release oxytocin which is a love hormone and instantly turn your mood around. For me its as simple as playing with Penelope, and giving Tony a hug. It also makes them feel loved as well and strengthens your relationships.  

Bring good energy

Have you ever heard that a smile is contagious? Being that “good energy” has positive effects on you and the world around you. There are days when I wake up in a not so good mood, roll out of bed and just feel miserable. We all do, but what instantly makes me feel better is thinking of something happy or listening to a good playlist. Anything to make myself smile and in turn making everyone else around me feel the same way. 

Find something that inspires you and do it often

I have started blocking off 30 minutes at a time to do something that inspires me. Before I would scroll through social media until I realized it’s not that good for me, so I find inspiration from Tumblr (which is so underrated by the way) and Pinterest. It’s easily become my favorite part of the day, besides being a mom and wife. 

As a creative person, I am the best version of myself when I am fully inspired and creating. Which is why I am setting boundaries with social media, and creating rituals that feed inspiration. It’s easy to get lost in the world of Instagram and social media, but hold true to yourself and what makes you different and I promise you will feel yourself again.

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