Easy Small Home Living Room Ideas

I don’t know about you but being stuck at home has made me want to refresh our living area. I’ve been slowly building an addiction to Pinterest and online shopping these past few days, and I wanted to save it to my blog.

When we think of changing things up our minds tend to think of tackling the big stuff like changing out furniture or even painting. But there are subtle changes you can do that will make a big difference in the look and feel of your home.


The picture above is the inspiration for our living room. The solid oak console we have is a very similar color to the one in this picture. You would find that I prefer the mid-century modern style with a little boho flair throughout my home. I’ve been really inspired by our surroundings lately and trying to incorporate more natural elements into our house.

Table Lamps

I love lamps, and if you look around our home you’d notice I have one in almost every room. You can completely change the tone and ambiance of a space by adding a lamp to it. In our living room, we have a floor lamp I love, but a glass one I bought from Walmart years ago that has lost its charm. There are two ways I could go about this, I could either switch out the lampshade or purchase a new lamp. Below are a few of my favorite lamps to choose from if you’re in a similar situation.


Perhaps one of the simplest updates to any room is installing window treatments. I personally love the look of long white curtains that reach far above the start of the windows. It gives the illusion of having higher ceilings and more space in your home. Even thou I recently bought curtains for our living room, I’m making the switch to longer ones instead. You should also note that there are many styles to choose from but I always prefer going for semi-sheer to room darkening curtains depending on the look and feel of your space. For a living room that has window treatments like ours, I would go with semi-sheer so the light still shines through.


The best part of refreshing a space is buying flowers. I love the whole process of going to a local flower shop, seeing what they have in stock and bringing them home. Research has shown flowers improve memory, reduce anxiety and lift your mood. Its good to note my favorites for spring are hydrangea blooms and stocks of viburnum, they are the perfect mix of whites and greens.

Vases & Candle Holders


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things and items we have in our home, and I really want to invest in pieces I really love. For us, it’s all about simplicity without being minimalist and I’d rather have a few stand-alone pieces then a clutter. I have been searching for the perfect vase and candleholder lately because I believe in mixing cozy textures and textiles to make the space feel more elevated. Below you will find some of my absolute favorite items I curated that are all perfect in their own unique way, just how vases and candle holders should be.

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  1. Love your choices, and that vintage-looking console is stunning. This whole crisis we are currently dealing with also stopped the process of our house being built. It will now take even longer, but The husband and I just set down with Pinterest this week to start creating our wish list for it:) it’s amazing how our taste changed from a few years back. I love updating small things about the house every now and then but I can’t wait for the BIG change:)

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