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Penelope’s Birth Story

Tomorrow is Penelope’s second birthday and I really wanted...


  1. Ally says

    Thank you for sharing your birth story! I’m so curious what hospital you tried to go to first and then what hospital you ended up delivering at?
    You mentioned that the midwives didn’t tell you but you labour was harder than “normal”, what was the reasoning/explanation for that?

    • stephanie says

      Hey Ally! I tried to go to Georgian Bay General Hospital because it was close to home, and ended up driving to the Orillia Hospital instead. It worked out better that way I think just because they were so nice and we had a good experience. So it was harder than normal because it was prodromal labour which starts and stops for up to weeks before the real thing. They also told me that was the longest labor they had without needing intervention. I will go back and add those details! Thanks for reading ❤️

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