Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Gifts we Know they will Love!

We’ve all been there, you need last minute teacher appreciation gifts. We’ve got the perfect round-up of Amazon finds for you.

last minute teacher appreciation gifts

How is it possible that we are more than halfway through the Month of June and a week away from the end of another school year? Christmas break seriously felt like yesterday to us and the end of this school year seemed to creep up faster than we expected!

If you’re anything like me, I know you are probably freaking out because you hadn’t bought or planned anything in terms of teachers’ gifts. Not to mention, trying to find something that is cute and creative for the teachers in your life can be tough. So we decided to round up our favorite finds that even the busiest mom can pull together quickly.

You also might be wondering how we know teachers will love these gifts. because I was a former teacher. Until I started this blog I taught early years and kindergarten. So I get what teachers really want and this list is bang on.

Keep reading to find out what we recommend for last minute teacher appreciation gifts that we know teachers will love.

Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Gifts

We know that teachers truly deserve doctors’ and lawyers’ pay and everything possible under the sun for raising our littles to be kind, thoughtful, and intelligent human beings. Giving a little thank-you gift they will actually use will go a long way in showing your gratitude. Actually, “use” is the keyword here.

Teachers often get many iterations of the same item, so today we’re sharing some unique finds we know they will love. i.e., not a coffee mug.

Cute last minute teacher appreciation gifts are possible with a little, and we do mean little, creativity! Show your appreciation with a gift they will actually treasure and appreciate.

Because we know you are REALLY last minute, all of our suggestions can be purchased at Amazon. With 2-day Prime delivery, you now have no excuses!

A Gift Card

While a gift card may seem impersonal, we know your kid’s teacher will actually appreciate it so much! Your gift card doesn’t have to be generic or large to make a big impact. Does your child’s teacher love to read? Why not get a Best Buy or Amazon card? Does your teacher always have perfect nails? Why not get her a manicure gift certificate? We promise a gift card will be a huge win and best of all, you can pick one up from the grocery store kiosk!

Amazon Gift Card for Teachers

We are huge fans of Amazon gift cards, because of their ease and simplicity. No matter what, we can bet they will find something they like from Amazon.

Office Supplies/Stationary

When I was teaching, I loved getting office supplies and stationery as gifts. Which is why I know that fun stationery will surely be a hit for the teacher in your life. I promise they will tuck it away to use next year and will smile when setting up their classroom the following fall!

The Best Teacher Supplies

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Plants/Plant Pots

Plants are still having a major moment, and we know a little plant in a cute pot would make an excellent end-of-year gift. How adorable is this little plant pot set!

Pots for Classroom Plants

Click on any of the items to shop directly.

Electric Coffee Warmer

Busy classrooms and hot coffee aren’t two words that usually go together. But come Fall 2023, thanks to this Electric Coffee Warmer, your favorite teacher will have hot coffee all morning long! We may or may not have ordered one of these for ourselves!

Coffee Mug Warmer

This coffee mug warmer has an auto shut-off, so you know it’s safe to be in a school setting. It’s safe and stable and suitable for most cups.

A Personalized Bookmark

We love personalized items, but as mentioned above, theirs only so many Initial Mugs you can get before it seems redundant. Give the teacher in your life a personalized bookmark that they can use and cherish for years to come! But first, if you are feeling a little creative, I’m sharing a great DIY idea you can do with your children.

Words Best Teacher Candle

Why not get your teacher something they can enjoy at home, all summer long? A candle is a perfect gift to show the teacher in your life appreciation, and give them the nudge they need to FINALLY relax and unwind!

Tools you’ll need

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Fun Lunch Bag

Just like the students, teachers love getting new office supplies and back-to-school gear. Why not gift your teacher a fun new lunchbox to debut in Fall 2023? Bonus – they can use it all summer long for their summer beverages!

Lunch Totes from Amazon

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Classroom Books

Does your child’s teacher have a book corner in their current classroom? In most schools, teachers purchase these books with their own money. Why not gift a few new books to add to his or her classroom for the following year? Your gift will be appreciated by the teacher and also by future students.  To personalize this gift, why not write a little message inside the cover, thanking them for a wonderful year?

The Best Classroom Books

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Gourmet Candy or Chocolate

Why not get that special teacher a sweet gift they will surely enjoy? Gourmet Candy is fun, delicious, and a gift they will definitely want to keep for themselves.

The Connoisseur Gift Basket

Want something completely different? This wine connoisseur gift basket is a great teacher gift. We all know how stressful teaching is, and this is a great way to encourage the teacher in your life to relax.

Teacher Book Bags

I love teacher book bags! We all know teachers have a lot on their plates and 99% of the time we’re carrying a lot of books, supplies, our own lunches and so much more. One of the best ways to treat a teacher in your life is to gift them a book bag. Especially one of the stylish ones we’re sharing below.

Best Bags for Teachers

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A Thank You Card

Sometimes, the simplest things have the most meaning. Have your little one draw or write a personalized card to their teacher, thanking them for all they did this year. A thank you doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate to have meaning.

Do you have any other great ideas for last minute teacher appreciation gifts? Send us a message to let us know!

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