Our Homeschool Room for Preschoolers

Our homeschool room for preschoolers

We just found out yesterday that schools will be opening back up in September. For a lot of parents, that’s a relief and I get it. But I still don’t comfortable sending our daughter preschool at this point, and we’ve agreed to homeschool her for now.

I am a former Early Childhood Educator and creating learning spaces for small children was I really enjoyed doing. So I wanted to share how I create a homeschool room for preschoolers on the blog today. Just in case you’re in the same boat we are and a bit hesitant to send your child back this September.

How to create a homeschool room for preschoolers

our homeschool room for small children

Designate a learning space

Children are just like adults when things are out of place it’s hard to concentrate. This is why I try not to do school work anywhere else but in Penelope’s bedroom and the kitchen table sometimes. But I like to have a designated learning space to keep everything organized and tidy. Plus it really helps children understand that this space is for learning.

Stay organized

I shared a few of my organizational skills over on Instagram stories the other day (you can watch more in my “homeschool” highlight). But I like to keep everything in separate bins, one for the books, blocks, art and everything else.

Check out our Kids Craft and Storage Ideas for more of my organizational tips.

A table or desk for writing

You’ve already dedicated space to learning (ours is a corner of Penelope’s bedroom) and all your missing now is a desk or table. To be honest, our mini table is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house. Penelope’s always drawing, crafting, or learning at her table.

our homeschool room for small children

A Chalkboard or Whiteboard

We’re currently using a two in one chalk and whiteboard from Melissa and Doug. It’s perfect for small spaces like ours or even to travel with. I think it’s a great way to teach your child to not only write and draw but to practice mobile skills without wasting paper. Eventually, I would like to get a bigger whiteboard on the wall in my office for homeschool.

read more tips on travelling with toddlers here.

Library or Bookshelf

Whether you are homeschooling for a long time or a short time, a little library is amazing for children. It will teach them independence, literary skills, and encourage imaginative play. In our kindergarten rooms, we would use books to introduce activities, and books are still one of my favorite tools to teach with.

The Learning Tools

When your teaching small children a lot of learning will look like play. But even through play, they are learning new skills. Some of our favorite tools for learning are building blocks, kinetic sand, memory games, flashcards, and activity books.

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