How I Manage Stress

How I manage stress

A few months ago I started noticing I was losing hair, almost like I did when I was postpartum. But this time it wasn’t because I just had a baby, it was because I was under a lot more stress.

I know we’re all dealing with some form of stress or anxiety lately with this new way of life. What we don’t realize is that it’s completely normal to feel like this especially given the current circumstances we’re in. Instead of running or hiding our stress-levels, I want to challenge you to tell someone how you’re really feeling.

I also wanted to share how I manage stress levels. Even thou I’m still working through a lot, I hope if you’re feeling the same way you will find some comfort from these free tips.

Tip 1: Turn off the phone

According to my analytics, I have never spent more time on my phone than I did in June and July. Between scrolling the news for updates on the virus or the social unrest that’s happening throughout Canada and the US. It’s become a very unhealthy coping mechanism. One that keeps me awake at night wondering about my own family’s safety.

It got to the point where I felt physically sick from reading the news every hour, and don’t even get me started on Facebook. I decided to turn my phone off and take a break from social media to focus more on the present. I was suddenly able to focus on how I manage stress levels rather than staying in a state of panic all the time.

Tip 2: Get your body moving

There are a few things that have made a massive difference in my mental health lately. One of them was choosing to stay on anti-depressants and the other was choosing to exercise as much as possible. I’ve shared my 5 favorite fitness apps to use at home but what I really felt helped was going for a walk. There’s something special about being in nature or just getting fresh air. I love the feeling you get after a good workout, the endorphins is the best way to combat stress.

Tip 3: Set Boundaries

Often times I’m going to bed at night feeling guilty over not spending “enough” quality time with my family. Being a full-time blogger takes up a lot of mental space and a lot of time on my phone. Like any job you have responsibilities and at the beginning of all quarentine I would push myself to be as productive as humanly possible. Little did I know I was pushing myself into burn out and it was taking a toll on my family and my body.

Not only was I very overwhelmed but I was burnt out and I knew I had to set boundaries for work. So I created a schedule for myself and for homeschooling my daughter. Planning my life out every single day is how I manage stress levels. I’ve also learned that working on a few priorities at a time is so much easier rather than attempting to do everything at once.

Tip 4: Take a break

My best tip is to just take a break! I know not everyone has a cottage to escape to each week (even thou I wish everyone did). But when was the last time you just took a 5 minute break for yourself? I don’t remember the last time I watched tv without being distracted on my phone either.

That’s why if you’re a busy mom like I am, you have little time for yourself you should try meditating. As mothers, we’re often put on the backburner while we tend to our family’s. So instead I like to pop in my AirPods in the mornings before anyone else is awake, breathe and meditate while my eyes are still closed. Meditating helps clear my mind and prepare me for the day ahead. It also sets the tone for how my day goes, if I’m less stressed I will be more relaxed and I’ll have more patience for my family.

next time you feel stressed instead of scrolling, put down your phone, and just listen. Listen to the world around you while you breathe in and out slowly. Then either get a book you love, spend time with your loved one, or workout. It’s your choice and you’re in control.

Bonus Tip: Essential Oils

I have been using essential oils for a very long time, and I’ve always either diffused my oils when I’m stressed or use a roller to de-stress. Since my entire family is very sensitive to scents and chemicals I decided we would start making the move to a toxin-free lifestyle. If this is something you’re interested in click here and sign up!

4 ways to stay stress free

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