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How to Invest in your Blog with a LadyBossBlogger Course

April 20th, 2020 will mark my one year anniversary...


  1. Madi Dearson says

    I have actually been following Elaine for a while, I love her story and what she created, she is a real inspiration. Sounds like her course is covering all the important aspects (which is sadly not a given when it comes to blogging courses). Love that you shared the background to creating your blog.

    • stephanie says

      omg yess! me too. I admire her and her amazing story, which is beyond inspiring. Even thou i’ve been blogging for a while i feel like there was so much I still learnt. <3

  2. Hazlo Emma says

    If only we had these course when I too started blogging.
    What is success in blogging?
    Have you decided to take blogging as full time work? It takes lots of hard work to scale and succeed. I have seen that each course creator focusses on different aspects. Thus, you take a dose of each, pick what works, test hone out your own blogging success.
    At the end of it all, why not tell a newbie blogger that the secret to blogging is doing what search engines want?
    I love blogging success stories, because they all proof that this is not a one-night hit wonder.
    I have shared the post.

    • stephanie says

      yes, yes and yes! I completely agree. There is no one way of becoming a full-time blogger or making an income. There is also no way to prepare for becoming a blogger either, it is a live and learn the industry. I also love blogging stories and I really appreciate you sharing this.

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