The Kimpton Hotel

The Kimpton Hotel is one of my favorite hotels in Toronto. Last week my sister and I were in the city for the Lumineer’s concert. We booked the stay through Hot Wire, which sells rooms at a discount price for brand name hotels hoping to get some last-minute guests. It was my first time using the booking site, and it basically picks the hotel for you and all you have to do is choose the hotel rating and price. I was impressed, to say the least.

The Kimpton Hotel is right in the heart of the city (Bloor and Yorkville area). It’s a beautiful boutique hotel, decorated in modern and natural qualities, stone and wood with custom-made furniture throughout the building. I can’t get over the design of the hotel’s “living room”, the wooden archways, and the stone fireplace and Canadian decor.

Local artists

A lot of the hotel’s art is locally crafted, and if you look closely you can find Toronto’s infamous albino squirrels figurines in each room by the art duo Greatbeard.

The Toronto-based art group, Arts and Objects Inc. specially curated each suite with paintings and drawings from local artists. But what immediately caught my eye as we were arriving, was a massive 10-storey geometric owl that was commissioned by the artist Birdo to create on the west side of the building.

We stayed in a double bed suite, that has all the amenities you’d expect and more. The fridge and room come fully stocked with local spirits and delicious snacks. There is a tv, and a mini speaker to play your favorite music while you’re getting ready for wine hour. If you saw my room tour on Instagram you would have seen me share the rattan wardrobe which was favorite piece of furniture in the room. A close second was the marble bathroom and deep bathtub. Each bathroom has Atelier Bloem bath products that not only smell amazing but can be also purchased from the hotel to bring home.

wine hour for guests

Another favorite part of staying at the Kimpton was the complimentary-daily wine hour for its guests, which we got to taste some local wines and spirits. A great way to start a girl’s night after wine hour was more cocktails and apps at The Fortunate Fox which is a gastropub located in the hotel itself. The service was amazing in both the hotel and the pub, and I would recommend the hotel to anyone who wants to experience an approachable luxury and charm.

Oh and the hotel’s guests include some big-name celebrities from time to time, so keep an eye open. I randomly ran into the lead singer of the Lumineers in the elevator after the concert, and I didn’t want to be a complete weirdo and totally missed a photo opportunity. But it was such a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to book another delightful stay at The Kimpton Hotel, maybe with Tony next time.

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