13 Nursery Must-Haves

Welcome back to another episode of The Weekly Edit. This week we’re talking about nursery must-haves and if you really need a nursery?

13 Nursery Must-Haves
This beautiful nursery designed by Alexandre Reignier

This week we revealed the kid’s bedroom plans and our mood board for the One Room Challenge. Shortly after I posted, there was a ton of questions asking if the kids were going to share a room? I know a newborn and a toddler sharing a room, doesn’t sound like the smartest idea but hear me out.

So do we really need a nursery?

Tony and I sat down last month and had a serious conversation about what we needed to do and what we still need to buy for the new baby. Among a growing list of things we still needed, one of the most important things we had to discuss was figuring out a plan for the nursery.

He asked, if we really needed a nursery? and I never thought about not having a nursery before.

I guess there’s lots of parents who don’t have nurserys, and I don’t think anyone needs one. But I do know how good it feels to have a separate room for a newborn especially when it comes to finding a rhythm for your new baby.

But we also got really lucky with Penelope, and if the new baby is anything like her I think we’re going to be perfectly fine. She has always ben a great sleeper, and a heavy one. Meaning no matter the noise, or who’s around her she’ll stay asleep.

So the plan right now is we will set up the crib on the opposite side of Penelope’s new bed (I explain more about the plan here). My only struggle has been to figure out how to make sure the baby would have a comfortable space that won’t be interrupted. This is why I wanted the canopy to drape over the crib, safely and far enough away from our sleeping baby, while still providing some separation between him and his sister.

But, the only reason this plan is going to work is that we also have a bassinet in our bedroom already. It’s sitting by my side of the bed and it will be perfect for all the night feeds, and naps we’ll be doing. My parenting style has always been to be as close to the babies as possible, it’s where I feel the most comfortable and I know they do too.

Then as he gets a bit older they can both sleep in the same room. By that time I’m hoping he will sleep through the night and we’ll all be able to enjoy their new room together.

Nursery Must-Haves

While we’re on the topic of nurseries, I thought I’d share some of the nursery-must haves on my list lately. The majority of these are from either H&M or Pottery Barn Kids.

Nursery Must-Haves

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