Our $450 Bathroom Makeover – Budget Breakdown

We’re right in the middle of renovating our bathroom, and we wanted to show you how to do a $450 bathroom makeover on a budget.

I shared a little video on Instagram last week, teasing the reveal of our phase 1 bathroom makeover. I was so surprised by the response, and couldn’t believe all the questions we got about it. We figured it deserved a permanent place on the blog so that we could share links, paint colors, and the full breakdown of our budget.

If you are a renter, or on a tight budget this is the perfect blog post for you. Mind you, it’s only Phase 1 and we will be doing a full bathroom reveal before the summer. This means we’re going to be ripping up the floors, replacing the toilet, tiling, and adding a marble countertop. By the end, we’re planning on a budget closer to $3,000.

But I want you to know it is very possible to do a $450 bathroom makeover that actually looks good!

The Beginning

Here’s where we started:

before the bathroom renovation

and this is how our bathroom looks today:

bathroom makeover and renovation on a budget of $450

As you can see the bathroom wasn’t pretty, like at all! I actually took this picture shortly after we moved in and the overflowing garbage will forever haunt me anyway the first thing I did in the bathroom, and kitchen painted the 90’s style oak cabinets. It made a huge impact, was super easy and it cost less than $30 to do.

Cabinet colour is night flight by behr paints

The next thing I decided we would work on was painting the bathroom walls, including the doors and trim to give it a modern cottage feel. I am so happy with the result, and I really like how the painted trim turned out. We needed two coats and used about 1 1/2 gallons of paint.

Wall colour is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
bathroom renovation

11 Simple Bathroom Updates from Amazon

quick bathroom renovation

Budget Breakdown

Wall paint – $80 (2) 1 gallon cans of paint

Cabinet paint – $20 1/2 gallon

Painting tools – $15

Gold Light fixture -$70 (I got mine on sale from $115)

This one is more affordable at $63.63

Brass Switch Plates – $30

Arched Mirror – $120

Check out our blog post sharing 15 Affordable Arched Mirrors for your bathroom.

Vanity hardware – $15

Brass towel holder – $30

Brass Towel Hooks – $25 plus shipping

Total = $405 (plus shipping or tax)

gold bathroom accents
bathroom makeover details
budget bathroom makeover
$450 bathroom makeover

While we still have a long way to go, I really love how it looks now. This bathroom is just off our master bedroom and I’m not going to lie, I love seeing the new mirror, lights and the hint of gold through out. I can now take a relaxing bath without staring at all the things that we’re wrong with it.

Check out more of our bathroom project here.

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