Review of the Kidkraft Playhouse from Costco

Learn all about the Kidkraft Woodland View Playhouse from Costco. We’re sharing all about our experience with the playhouse in a comprehensive review.

We’ve been wanting to set up an outdoor play area since we bought our home. And we figured now is the perfect time to encourage outdoor play, especially since our kids are now four and one. Plus there are tons of positives that come from kids spending more time outside.

That said, I started shopping around and researching outdoor playhouses. But a few friends wouldn’t stop raving about how much they loved their Costco playhouses.

I decided we would check out Costco to see if they had any in stock. Turns out, Costco didn’t have the exact one our friends had…

Instead, they had another one that was a little less expensive than I was expecting. Which is how we found The Cedar Summit by Kidkraft Woodland View Playhouse.

The Kidkraft Playhouse from Costco

This playhouse looks like a cute little farmhouse. It has white cedar siding, a wooden door, a black roof, windows, and floors.

It honestly looks great in our backyard.

But, I know you want to know more about the quality and if it’s worth the price so you can make an informed decision. Which is what we will get to in a second, but first here are the specifications and playhouse features.

two kids playing in their woodland playhouse from Costco

Kidkraft Playhouse Features

The children’s playhouse has two floors for little’s to explore.

They can climb the ladder, or use the zigzag-designed pole that works by challenging their motor skills.

The bottom floor has a bench and table, which we’ve been using for snacks and activities. It’s perfect for little ones who need to take a break in the shade.

My four-year-old’s favorite features of the Costco playhouse are:

  • the slide
  • built-in chalkboard
  • and the upstairs kitchen

The little play kitchen includes a sink and a mini stove. The playhouse also comes with utensils and pots, perfect for pretend play.


Box Dimensions:

Box 1: 94″ x 43.9″ x 7.5″ = 214.99 lb

Box 2: 84.4″ x 16.6″ x 8″ = 15.44 lb

The Negatives:

The box is super heavy.

For that reason, I didn’t want to put it on the roof of our Dodge Journey. I actually towed a little trailer and used straps to bring it home. However, a truck would work fine.

I do believe Costco has a delivery option, for a little more than $150.

The building time on the box said it will take 2 people: 14-18 hours!

Which scared me at first.

But my dad and I had it built in 3 hours.

I had a few questions asking,

“Do you think the Costco Playhouse will hold up during the winter?”

We haven’t had it that long, only a few months.

But I think this is a good thing to note is there is a warranty on it.

The lumber is warranted for 5 years against structural failure due to rot and insect damage. However, all other parts, such as hardware, swings, rides, accessories, and slides carry a one-year warranty only.

Costco’s Price in Canada

I will link to the Canadian store here.

Online it is more expensive since you will be paying for shipping/delivery.

*As we last checked it was over $1000 in-store, but keep an eye out for sales. Especially if you are purchasing out of season.

Costco’s Price in the US

Linking the US store here.

Reader Questions about the Kidkraft Playhouse from Costco

Tips for Preventing Rott in Playhouses

Our biggest concern was the wood rotting because the park is sitting on the grass or soil. Which is why we decided to look into using patio stones under each of the legs. We did it in a way that made sure the park was sitting on level ground, and could also attach anchors to it.

How has the playhouse held up in the winter?

We are still waiting to see how it holds up over the year. Especially, over the winter months.

But I will come back and update this post once we’ve had it for an entire season. That way I can give you a very well-rounded review for those of you who are in climates like ours.

How sturdy is the playhouse?

The Woodland Playhouse is sturdy, however, I wouldn’t trust the wooden beams for holding more than a few children. I have personally been on the second floor to get our youngest down, but I didn’t feel safe playing up there. So I would just like to let you know it is cedar wood and that is not the strongest.

Does the Woodland Playhouse come with swings? or a swing set?

It does not! Which is why I think it was priced lower than the old Costco playhouse (the one our friends all had). But it makes up for it in the price.

The price difference is almost $500-$1000 cheaper.

Stay tuned for more playhouse fun as we decorate it and add some fun accessories!

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