Chic Home Office Update

Chic home office update

Even thou my chic home office isn’t completely done, I still wanted to update you on some new things. While we’re waiting on the kitchen refresh to be done (I hate putting up shiplap), I thought I would take you on a quick tour of my second favorite room in our home.

When we bought the house, the back room was being used as a little boy’s room. The walls were unpainted and required a lot of TLC from the random wall hangings. I knew when we bought this place it would serve our small family just fine even if I took that room as an office.

Chic home office update

So you’ve seen my DIY Basket Light I did that now sits in my office. But you haven’t seen the rest of the office yet.

Like my completely redesigned closet using my Amazon closet system. It was really easy to install and I was able to reuse the previous closet in our laundry room. It’s made organizing my clothes and shoes so much easier. It even has space for my purses or jewelry in the middle. There are also a lot of customizations you can make and organizational pieces you can add like this jewelry organizer.

Find more closet organizers here.

The second change I made was putting up the wallpaper from Magnolia Home. It was really easy to install and I still have a ton leftover perfect for a fun DIY later. I also think that adding a fun decal or wallpaper to a room can make a world of a difference and is perfect if you rent your home because it can easily be removed.

Chic Home Office Update

Future Plans for the Chic Home Office

We’ll let just start with paint because it’s the thing that’s going to make the biggest impact, depending on the colour of course. I haven’t painted because I haven’t been able to decide on a colour yet. I love the colour choices in our daughter’s bedroom, the living room and now the kitchen. But my office is more girly and boho-chic than the rest of our house.

The paint colors I am loving lately are from Sherwin Williams, Simply White, China White, and Snow-Bound.

Let me know in the comments which paint colour you think I should do.

The last thing that’s on my list is a new area rug. I’m thinking something like this woven jute rug or this vintage style rug. Again let me know what you think, I will link the two options below as well.


Pin Board




desk chair

Sheep skin rug

Clothing Rack

Closet Organizer

Don’t forget to pin this for later

Chic home office updates

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  1. Hi!
    I am obsessed with your rattan hanging ceiling light! Do you have a link to the exact one you used? When I click on the link from your boho bedroom blog it doesn’t show the light!


    1. Hey Jaime!

      I actually made this light 🙂 I wrote a blog post on it, and it was very inexpensive and easy to do. But I also linked some other options in that post as well.


      Hope that helps 🙂

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