Lake’s Moody Green Nursery Nook

A fun update on Lake’s Moody Green Nursery Nook! We’re chatting about design, thrifting, and more.

moody green nursery nook

One of my favorite things about writing a design blog is seeing mood boards and designs come to life.

Designs like our shared kid’s room that was originally supposed to be completed for the One Room Challenge. But timelines change and even though we completely missed the deadline for the ORC we’re still wanted to give an update on Lake’s new nursery.

Here’s how Lake’s bedroom looked like before.

home office inspiration

This room was previously my office, remember our office reveal? When we found out we were pregnant, we knew we had to go back to the drawing board and figure out where everyone was going to be sleeping.

Since we live in a small-ish three-bedroom bungalow, I knew it meant I was either going to have to give up my office space or somehow make a shared bedroom work for a toddler and newborn. I’ll admit that giving up my office space sounded easier and less risky than having a newborn share the same room as a toddler.

But what fun would that be?

So while we’re still not 100% complete with the design, the kids have been sleeping in their room. Penelope loves her new bedroom, which now fits all her crafts and toys perfectly. She even sleeps through Lake’s loud siren screams in the middle of the night, which let me know he’s hungry or needs a diaper change.

But so far having the kids share a bedroom has been great. It’s actually quite nice to have them in the same room, and I’m sure as Lake grows older they will have more fun together too.

Would I have done a shared kids room if they were older?

Probably not.

I think this particular setting works great because they are so young, and they don’t need their own privacy just yet.

moody green nursery design

Choosing a Hero Product, Complimentary vs. Competing

I’ll admit I am obsessed with the canopy! I love the rust-colored material against the moody green nursery walls. It’s the perfect combination. We also wanted to make sure the canopy was the hero product and didn’t compete with anything else like the curtains. Which we choose IKEA curtains that complimented the Card Room Green walls.

Every color you see was chosen to work in harmony with our jungle-themed wallpaper (on the opposite wall). I matched the accent pillow to the mustard yellow wallpaper, and even the rust-colored canopy was a perfect match.

We are still waiting on a few other items, like new covers for the mattress. The bright yellow is too much of a distraction and even though I want to see more color I want it subtle.

moody green nursery with farrow and ball

Mixing Old & New, Thrifted with High-End

Another design element I love incorporating into my spaces is mixing old and new. I love seeing thrifted and antique finds paired with new or high-end pieces.

In this room, the antique crib is one of the “old” elements that we paired with a few “new” items like the wallpaper, canopy, and linen sheets. I love the idea of adding soul to a new space, lending some old-world charm every time you mix in vintage-inspired items. It’s also how we make a new space feel lived in and cozy without breaking the budget.

So while I’m still searching for some “old” art to make a mini gallery wall behind the crib, I think a lot of what’s missing is the “new” stuff. We’re sourcing some new crib sheets, maybe even adding new baskets or a new rug. But whatever we do next I’ll be sure to bring you along to show you more of Lake’s Moody Green Nursery.

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