How to tame toddler curls

how to tame toddler curls

One of the questions I get asked regularly from other mamas is how I tame toddler curls. Now I do feel like I’m a bit of an expert because I had the same bouncy curls as a child. If you have a curl hair child you know the struggle with tangles, frizz, and dry scalps. Over the years I’ve learned a few rules to tame toddler curls, and I’m sharing them below.

Don’t brush dry curls

Rule number one is to never brush curls when they are dry. If I have to I will use a conditioning spray or even water. I’ve tried a few which I’ll link below, but I love making the sprays myself. The recipe for a simple conditioning spray is just two parts water and one part deep conditioner.

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Use a soft bristled brush

The second rule is I always brush Penelope’s hair when she’s in the bath. But instead of using a regular brush, I will use either a wide-tooth comb, my fingers or my favorite is the wet brush (linked below).

Don’t wash every day

When I first became a mom I thought I was supposed to bath her every day. Then her hair started growing and I quickly realized washing her hair too much was also causing her cradle cap. Even now when I use shampoo too often she will be left with a dry and itchy scalp. So I try to only wash her roots maybe once a week if I have too, otherwise I just use conditioner on the ends. Using conditioner still cleans her hair but also keeps her curls looking healthy, silky, and frizz-free!

Trim often

Another way I’ve been able to tame toddler curls is by trimming her hair often. As someone who has curly hair I’ve noticed my ends are usually dry. Which is why I love getting regular trims in order to keep my curls looking their best. I also regularly trim Penelope’s curly hair once every other month just to prevent tangles and frizz.

how to tame toddler curls

Use natural products

One of the best tips I can give you mamas is to choose natural products for your little ones. I’ve noticed massive differences in Penelope’s skin and hair since I’ve switched to cleaner ingredients. I was never big into natural products before I had her, but having a child with sensitive skin really puts it into perspective. I’m linking my favorites below!

The best hair ties for curls

We own so many hair ties! They are literally everywhere, in all my purses, in the bathrooms, at the cottage, literally everywhere. I’ve found the best ones are usually Scrunchies and the Invisi-Bobble because they don’t tangle.

The pretty bows

I cannot write a post about my daughter’s hair without sharing some of our favorite accessories! We love putting a big bow or two small bows in her ponytails. Not only does it look cute but it’s a great way to keep her hair out of her face without having it up all the time.

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