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My commitment to raising eco-conscious children.

Happy Earth Day! The other night we watched a...


  1. Kelsea Cole says

    Mom goals!! I absolutely love this article.
    My eco-friendly goal is to partner with sustainable brands to promote/review on my blog, and pick up trash in nature at least 1x per month this summer!

    • stephanie says

      Thanks Kelsea! I really appreciate it, and I loved your article too! I think its something we need to be talking about way more.

  2. Madi Dearson says

    This is such an important value to pass on to our kids. I’m happy that my kids’ school is very active in that subject, they have an organic garden they grow, they do a lot of recycling activities and have classes bout it. At home we recycle, we teach the kids about minimalism and protecting the environment – and yes I think we adults need to learn much more about it – sometimes I feel like my kids are way ahead of me:)

    • stephanie says

      Thanks Madi! I love reading your blog and your family sounds amazing. I wish all schools taught that as a subject because you’re right it’s so important. I think we’ere in good hands, the kids are going to be able to teach us about living eco-friendly in the future.

  3. Aiyna says

    I LOVE this post. It’s so important to teach our kids the importance of being eco friendly. We try not buy plastic and we also make sure we compost everything we can.

    • stephanie says

      Exactly, as long as we’re all trying. Even the littlest improvements like buying only wooden toys, or maybe switching to eco-friendly beauty products will add up over time and make a bigger difference than we think.

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