15 Ways for the Whole Family to Use the Google Home Mini

In this article we share some fun ways to use the Google Home Mini and 15 ways for kids to use it too!

how we use the google home mini

We got our Google Home Mini over six months ago, and I’ve been slowly learning a lot about it. I didn’t realize how much we’d use it in our day to day life or how much Penelope would end be able to use it too. If you didn’t know the Google Home Mini is essentially a voice-controlled speaker that assists the user with commands and even plays music. A few of my favorite things about the Mini is that the top is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, easily hears your commands from across the room and can fit perfectly in a corner of your home.

How I use Google Home Mini for work and in everyday life

My favorite way to use the Google Home Mini is by connecting “Google Assistant”. It’s completely changed the way I am able to work from home. I can tell Google to “add carrots to our grocery list”, or “what is on my schedule today?” and Google will let me know everything I need to do! It’s really convenient and I personally think it’s so much more than a glorified speaker.

Another way we use the Google Home Mini is by the following questions:

  1. Hey Google, where’s my iPhone? (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost my phone)
  2. Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?
  3. Hey Google, what’s today’s news?
  4. Hey Google, play me some happy music.
  5. Hey Google, set an alarm for —.
  6. Hey Google, when is my first meeting today?
  7. Hey Google, tell me about my day.
  8. Hey Google, add (wine 😉 ) to my shopping list
  9. Hey Google, make a shopping list
  10. Hey Google, call (someone from your contacts)
  11. You can tell Google to remember things like “Hey Google, remember these 12 things to bring to the lake house” and Google will remember, next time you can ask “Hey Google, what were those things I had to bring to the lake house?”
  12. Google also takes down notes, creates notes, and remembers notes.
  13. I also use Google to play white noise or relaxing noise when I’m working and need background music.

If you have other Google products

You can easily ask your google home mini to connect with your other devices. You can ask things such as “Hey Google, dim the kitchen lights” or “Hey Google, turn on the TV”.

Other products we love from Google are:


Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Google Nest Protect (Best Fire Alarms)

Google Home Mini

Google Home

Google Home Max

Google Nest Outdoor Security Cameras

Penelope loves using our Google Home Mini, and she’s gotten so good at pronouncing her words even clearer since we got it. I’ve seen a few people use it in classrooms, playrooms, and kids’ rooms so I wanted to share how we use the Google Home Mini in Penelope’s bedroom.

15 Ways Kids can use the Google Home Mini

  1. “Hey Google, tell us a Frozen Story” (Disney’s Frozen Cast will tell a few different stories and interact with your child)
  2. “Hey Google, talk to The Wiggles” (Another fun and interactive game to play but this time with The Wiggles. They sing songs, and asks your child questions about what to do next.)
  3. “Hey Google, tell me a fun fact!” (usually some science or animal fact)
  4. “Hey Google, Mischief Managed” (For all my Harry Potter fans out there)
  5. You can add nicknames to Google, so instead of answering to “Hey Google” over time, you can get it to answer to “Hey Boo” or whatever you want.
  6. “Hey Google, tickle tickle”
  7. “Hey Google, tell me a joke”
  8. You can set Nickelodeon Alarms for your child. There are a few characters to choose from, and you just have to say “Hey Google, set (shows name) alarm for (time and date).” It will set an alarm with the song from the show and usually a character that will let your child know to have a wonderful day.
  9. “Hey Google, self-destruct”
  10. “Hey Google, clean my room”
  11. You can teach Google your routines, so when you go to bed or your child does it will play ambient music until they are sleeping. Same with waking up with music, the news, or your schedule.
  12. One of my favorite things is Google’s storytelling ability. It works with 16 Little Golden Book titles like Alice in Wonderland, Mulan, Toy Story, etc. It does cost money for the book around $5 per book on Google Express, but it is so much fun for our daughter.
  13. “Hey Google, What does the fox say?” haha the reply always gets me.
  14. “Hey Google, Flip a coin” and it will tell you heads or tails
  15. Finally, “Hey Google, sing me a lullaby”

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