9 Preschool Resources from Amazon!

Preschool Resources from Amazon

Tomorrow’s the first day of September and we’re anxiously awaiting the beginning of our first year of homeschool. Mind you we aren’t officially starting pre-school until next September but we will still encourage learning as part of our daily routine.

Whether or not you plan on homeschooling this list of fun preschool learning activities from Amazon is the perfect aid to your child’s development.

One thing I’ve learned over the years of being an Early Childhood Educator, is that the more fun and engaging learning activity is the more a child will participate. So today I’m sharing 9 preschool resources from Amazon your child will love!

9 Preschool Resources from Amazon your Child will Love

Some of the skills your preschoolers will learn
  • Color Recognition
  • Shape Recognition
  • Number Recognition
  • Counting Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Game Play Etiquette
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Early Problem Solving Skills

Crocodile Hop

A game that is perfect to get your child up and moving while still challenging their cognitive skills. Crocodile hop comes with an extra-long mat as the river, a dice, and placement holders. The first one to get to the other side wins. It’s a fun way to learn how to take turns, patients, shapes, colors, and numbers.

Literacy Wiz Fun Game

One of the best activities we had in our classroom, its a great way to teach children literacy, letter recognition, and more. There are also several ways you can use this to teach, starting with learning the letter names, a spelling game, and even as flashcards.

Math Link Cubes

Okay, who remembers using these as a kid? This early STEM activity can be used in a multitude of ways. From recognizing patterns, math skills, counting and find motor skills.

Smart Snacks Alpha Pops

Besides playing a game that strengthens motor skills and increases coordination, Alpha Pops is great for letter recognition, matching, patterns, and learning colors.

Frog Balance Game

This one is fun for preschoolers, they can balance the frogs and learn to count and recognize numbers. The frog balance scale set come with 30 double-sided cards,19 small frog figurines, digital modal 1-10, 2 weighing plates, 1 frog scale, 1 base and an instruction manual.

Hive Matching Game

How cute does this game look? Its perfect for preschoolers who need to develop their find motor skills, colour recognition, mathematical concepts and is great for encouraging concentration.

Fruit Lacing Toy

We love lacing toys because it keeps our little one interested while teaches essential skills. Not to mention you can take it anywhere, including in the car or to the cottage without worrying about losing any pieces. It also encourages children to tie their shoes, zipper their jackets and of course so much more.

Preschoolers Magnetic Game

I love magnetic games, however this isn’t you’re average game there are so many opportunities for learning. It comes with over 74 pieces, letters, numbers, weather, animals, and fruit icons. You can use this for hand and eye coordination, adding, subtracting, spelling, and recognition.

Mini Muffin Match up

This mini muffin match up comes with 1 muffin pan, 2 dice, Squeezy Tweezers, 12 double-sided sorting circle inserts, 60 mini muffin counters, and an activity guide. Teaches children to color recognition, matching, sorting, counting, early math skills, and motor skills.

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Preschool resources from amazon

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