20 Binge-Worthy Interior Design Shows on Netflix in 2024

If you love watching interior design shows as I do, but don’t know what to watch. This is the round-up for you! I’m sharing 20 binge-worthy interior design shows on Netflix in 2022.

interior design shows netflix

In my perfect world, I’d cook dinner for the family around 6 once Tony’s home from work. I’d clean the kitchen, and make sure the kids are bathed and in bed for 8 (or 9 let’s be realistic). Then between 8:15 and 10 (it’s more like 9 to 12) depending on how long my eyes can stay open, I will watch one of my favorite interior design shows on Netflix.

While I’ve always enjoyed watching home renovation shows, Tony, on the other hand, has a strong aversion to anything that would lead me to think about starting any new projects (we’re currently maxed out). But I still think there’s something for everyone on this list.

So whether you’re looking for a show to be inspired by interiors, organization shows, or to fall in love with a makeover story, this list is for you!

20 Interior Design Shows to Watch on Netflix in 2023

Hopefully, this list will help you pick out something to watch next. You literally can’t go wrong with either of these, but my favorites by far at Motel Makeover and Dream Home Makeover.

Just a note, We will regularly update this post to bring you the latest shows!

Motel Makeover

April Brown and Sarah Sklash are quite literally living my dream. They are the owners of The June Motel which got super famous a few years ago after they renovated an old motel from top to bottom. But it’s not your average motel, it’s fun, girly, pink, and filled with rosé.

In this show, the two ladies bought a new property in Sauble Beach (Canada) and they are working their magic on this property. It’s fun to watch and see how it all comes together.

Not to mention, I’ve rewatched this probably 10x and I still love it. I hope they do another season for Netflix or even explore more of their now two properties.

Dream Home Makeover

If you’re on Instagram (are you following us yet?) then you may know who Studio Mcgee is. Shae Mcgee is the designer behind the brand, and in this show, we get to see more behind the scenes as Syd (her husband) and Shea take on new design clients.

Again, it’s another show I’ve watched at least 10x since it was released. They now have season 2 and soon to be a 3rd season!

Made by Design

This is like candy for your eyes! Every single time I watch this I finish feeling so inspired. It’s truly amazing to watch this docu-series on African design, specifically as it explores Nigerian designers.

It’s great to see how fluid design is in other parts of the world and gain insight into African art and design.

Tiny House Nation

As the Tiny Home movement swept the nation, Netflix, decided you get to watch two seasons of inspiring renovation experts as they craft 500 sq. ft homes (or less) for people and their families.

It’s amazing and as you know we’re working on renovating a lake cottage that’s less than 400 sq. ft. So I get the obsession!

Get Organized with The Home Edit

This is basically like organization-porn. The Home Edit went pretty much viral and we totally get why. Their organization skills are next level, which is why they are asked to organize everyday people like me and you, and even celebrity homes.

I also just realized they now have season 2! This time we get to see more celebrity homes like Lauren Conrad, and Drew Barrymore. Eek I’m so excited.

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

Sometimes I love to zone out and dream of buying a home on an island in the middle of the ocean. Which is why this show is so perfect.

I loved watching the traveling hosts visit vacation homes around the world, from treehouses on Alpaca farms and beachfront properties.

Designing Miami

This is one of my favorite shows lately, and I’m hoping there will be a new season soon. Designing Miami follows Ray and Eilyn Jimenez as they build their interior design careers in Miami. It’s a mix of home renovation, design consults, and relationships.

Stay Here

Stay Here is great for property owners who want to make over their short-term rentals and make more money from them.

Interior Design Masters

This is a new show to me, but I’m excited to watch as designers turn their spaces into something magical. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy watching design challenges.

The Minimalists Less is Now

I’m actually excited to watch this one. I love how it highlights consumerism and how we can change and live more minimally. It’s basically a documentary about people living as a “minimalist” and how stuff doesn’t make people more happy.

Million Dollar Beach Home

Of course, we love a show about million-dollar beach homes. This is interesting to watch and makes me a little jealous of the size of these homes. Million Dollar Beach House follows the life of Hamptons real estate agents, their lifestyle, and of course, eye candy as we get to see into these multi-million dollar estates.

Hack My Home

We love the idea behind this show! It follows a team as they renovate homes for people and families who need more space in their home, but want to stay in their current home and are lost on what to do. It’s a great concept.

Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas

I wanted to save this for the holiday season but I recently watched it and I felt so inspired and had so many ideas for decorating this Christmas.

Amazing Interiors

Love, love Amazing Interiors!! I literally rewatched it recently and I found new things I didn’t notice before. Trust me, if you love design, this is a must-watch.

Instant Dream Home

A feel-good show! It follows a team of renovators who work really fast, take risks, and plan to help transform families’ homes in just 12 hours.

Sparking Joy

While you can determine if you think Marie Kondo fits into the interior Design category (we think it does). I would honestly, watch this again because I can always do with less “stuff” in our home and I need to know all the tips and tricks.

Marriage or Mortgage

Okay, this is up for debate if this fits anywhere close to the Interior Design niche. It’s more of a reality show of couples deciding if they would mortgage their house for a dream wedding. It’s light and easy to watch.

Abstract The Art of Design

This isn’t necessarily interior design but it’s REALLY inspiring design! Watching this makes me so inspired, and excited to go out and design more spaces.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Whenever I’m about to do a real clean-up of our home, I’ll put on Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up and I feel instantly motivated and inspired.

Buy my House

A little less about interior design and more about real estate, but we wanted to include it for the interior eye candy. This follows homeowners across the US who might sell their properties on the spot to one of four real-estate tycoons.

SO let us know what you’re watching this season on Netflix, and what your favorite shows currently are.

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