The Perfect Vinyl Plank Flooring for our Home

I constantly ask myself “why I didn’t notice the floors when we bought the house?”. I don’t remember ever noticing the stains flanking the wall-to-wall carpets. To be fair we were also living with my parents and we were ready to move into our own home. After selling our condo and moving out of the city, we had a hard time finding anything that we liked. So when Tone saw this house on MLS, we immediately called our real estate agent, booked a showing, and bought our home!

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Anyway, fast forward to a few years later and we’re finally ready to tear up the old, stained wall-to-wall carpets that cover the living room. Plus the entire faux tile linoleum sheet that stretches along with the kitchen, dining room, and into the hallway.

I feel a lot of weight on my shoulders when it comes to making a decision on the type and color of the flooring. The right floors can make or break the look of a space, and I’m hoping it will make major improvements in our home specifically. Now that we know we have a budget available to add some beautiful new flooring, I’m ready to narrow down some choices with you.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

The must-haves list for Vinyl Plank flooring:

  • Within our budget
  • Waterproof
  • Preferably 9″ or slightly smaller plank size
  • Flooring quality to withstand children, water, and everything in between.

Last week I started making calls to local flooring shops hoping that I could get a few samples to choose from. A few months back I came across three Dechateu flooring samples that another designer shared and I knew it’s exactly what I wanted in our home. The only problem is there are shipping delays recieving anything out of Ontario, so that took Dechateu off the table. But I still wanted to show you the samples because it played an integral role in the decision I made, you’ll see why at the end.

It’s fine because I got in contact with a friend who suggested we go with vinyl plank flooring from a local flooring company here in Ontario. I’m glad I did because they had a huge selection of samples I could bring home and try out. I spent the last few days bringing each one of the planks I liked to different areas in our home. Examining every tone, texture, and length with great detail.

It only took me six months but I finally found the vinyl plank flooring I love! Which means all I need to do is to place an order for 450 sq.ft of flooring and… fix the uneven floors.

In case you are wondering the Vinyl Plank Flooring I choose is Coyote Storm by Fuzion Flooring.

I can’t wait to show not only the reveal of our home with new floors but also the process. Since we’re doing it all ourselves, you know I’m going to have a lot more posts coming to the blog!

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