TWE: Vote for the ORC, Kendall Jenner & more!

In this episode of The Weekly Edit, we want you to vote on the One Room Challenge project you like most. Plus we’re chatting about some major DIY inspo and more!

I’m kind of freaking out because we just signed up for the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but we always had way too much going on to even think about starting a new project. But here we are and I can’t wait to see where my creativity will take us! I hope you’ll follow along because I promise it’s going to be so much fun!

We also need your help to vote on the room you think we should enter in the One Room Challenge.

I’m going to share the two room’s we were thinking about entering, and I’m even sharing the two mood boards for each space. Maybe it will help you visualize what each space will look like when it’s done.

The Kids Bedroom:

I’ve been thinking about switching my office with Penelope’s bedroom for a while now. My office is twice the size of hers, and even though her bedroom is one of my favorite spaces in the whole house, she needs more room. I was also thinking about adding a nursery since Baby #2 will be here in a few months. So I wonder if I should make Penelope’s old room a nursery and create a small office space in our bedroom? Or have them both share a room? I only hope Baby sleeps as good as Penelope does.

The Bathroom:

Yes, we did just paint the bathroom. But I also don’t think it’s too late to enter it in the ORC either. We still have so much to do and an 8-week timeline will push me to finish it a lot sooner. I look at the mood board and I can’t help but be excited to share it once we’re done.

Anyway, what do you think? I’ll also share the sources later this week, once we decide on the room we’re doing.

Other Things this Week:

Tony’s a hunter, and one of our dreams is to be able to eat what we grow, hunt or catch. I’m personally not a hunter, I’m actually an animal lover but I do understand his love of providing for his family. I also know he respects all animals and the more I learn about hunting the more I understand why. So I am going to be starting a garden this spring, and our dream is to be picking fresh greens for our Salmon dinner this summer.

We’ll share more of our gardening journey too I promise.

Also, this week we started looking for a new “mom” vehicle for me. Tone’s going to be using my Jeep because I’ll be getting something bigger. Either a crossover or a bigger SUV, I think would be the perfect fit for us. I asked what you think in stories, and oh my goodness we got a TON of answers! I’m still looking through them all. But some of the most popular answers we’re Toyota 4 Runner, Jeep Cherokee, Honda Passport, and the Volkswagen Atlas.

Inspired by:

I freaking LOVE Emma’s tiled faux fireplace! It’s totally inspiring me to think of a way I can give our fireplace a little makeover.

I shared Pretty on Friday’s video in my stories the other day but it deserves to be on the blog too. I am so inspired by her DIY, and I’m already planning a few new projects using this as the inspiration.

The photo above is Kendall Jenner’s LA home and I love it! Kathleen and Tommy Clements, and Waldo Fernandez are the design team behind this beautiful home! I feel so inspired just looking at these beautiful photos.

Our friend Krystle is the blogger behind Perkinson Parkway, and they just launched a new design series that you’re going to love! Check out Pop Weekly for more.

See you all next week!

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