The Weekly Edit: Getting Hacked, The Social Dilemma, Change is Good & more

This week didn’t start off as good as I had hoped. We ran into a few problems on the blog including, what they call a “pharma hack”. I noticed when I was looking in my google analytics I was getting traffic to a strange looking page on the blog, Turns out it was a hack, and I had a hidden ‘forum’ that was re-directing people to contraceptive medications. Thankfully I was able to get rid of it, but we’re now upping the security even more and we hired a team to keep an eye for anything out of the ordinary on here.

We also went to the cottage this week because I had a few things to do for the Cottage Bedroom Makeover, like choose the paint color, figure out the timeline we have for the makeover, and how we will get the materials to the island. I’ll be sharing the entire process in real-time on Instagram.

While we were at the cottage we watched The Social Dilemma, and omg it was interesting. Especially since my business revolves around social media and it was a bit eye opening, to say the least. If you haven’t watched it I highly recommend you do (I won’t spoil it for you). But after watching the movie, I plan on focusing more on the blog than ever because it’s mine, its not controlled by algorithm or driven by monetary gain. Sure I love that I can make a living from this blog, but it’s my passion project at the same time.

I also made some major changes this week, but only to my hair. It was the first time I have coloured my hair in years! I had a really hard time with making changes to my appearance, but I am so happy I went through with it. My hair dresser was amazing, and she knew exactly what I wanted. So I left feeling like change was good. It was the re-fresh I needed this year.

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