The Weekly Edit: Gardens, Pivoting, and More!

This week on The Weekly Edit, we talking about gardens, pivoting in the business and other interesting articles.

There are some days when I just feel like writing, for the sake of writing. Instead of writing articles so they can rank on Google, or Pinterest. So I decided to bring back The Weekly Edit, to share some casual conversation around topics in and around design. Every weekend you’ll find notes about things that have been on my mind, from articles I find interesting, items worth shopping and anything else that I think is important or relevant.

We’ve been talking and planning a massive backyard clean up. Specifically, borrowing a dump truck from Tone’s work and getting rid of the old patio furniture that was here when we bought the house. We’ve also collected several broken pots, a box spring, a random broken gas can and other junk thats accumulated over the last two years.

Of course I’ll share the process on the blog, because I know it might be the inspiration or motivation you’re looking for.

What I’m Saving Lately

I’m obsessed with overgrown gardens that look wild and unruly. It makes me excited for this spring, and I swear I dream of opening the windows and doors to see all green instead of white. The winter and snow have over stayed their welcome. It’s time to go!

Pivoting has become a major theme in our business this year. We’ve had to pivot again to make changes with recent Instagram updates. From my analytics I can tell a lot of you haven’t been seeing our content in your feeds, but the few that do seem to enjoy what we’re sharing lately. From pregnancy updates, ideas for kids over spring break and our office makeover.

I haven’t watched the Harry and Megan interview, but I did finally watch Taylor Swifts Long Pond Studio Sessions and it was SO good! I felt so inspired after watching it that I picked up my notebook to jot down a few design idea’s I noticed while watching.

Articles I found interesting:

Kim from the Yellow Brick Home blog shared this post about blogging and what goes into making it look easy.

I can say that I have never thought of using a bread bowl as bathroom sink, but it looks gorgeous!!

Do you want to read more about pregnancy? because if this applies to you (it certainly does for me) then hopefully these stretches can help with pregnancy pain.

I’m still obsessing over Emily Schuman’s home from Cupcakes and Cashmere. They recently shared the reveal and I CAN-NOT-STOP thinking about it.

Another article I haven’t stopped thinking about was when Wit and Delight shared a peek into the daily diary of one of their writers. I related to the schedule of working from home and perhaps sometimes it does feel like I live in a doll house. While we’re on the subject the Atlantic wrote Late stage pandemic is messing with your brain, and if you’re really into it this article from Robin Arźon’s Pelaton Work Diary makes me lol.

Let me know what you think, or any articles you found interesting this week in the comments!

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