Cottage Bedroom Design – Mood board

I often get asked why I make these mood boards for my designs, and the truth is it’s so I know what to shop for. Whenever I start a project like my living room, for example, which I didn’t create a mood board for I get sidetracked and end up hating the final result.

A mood board isn’t your end all or be all of the design, it’s more like your guide. The things I stick to when sourcing for a project is staying with in the same color family, shape, and often sheen. The only things I might change is the product itself, and the textures I use.

Cottage Bedroom Design

When it comes to the cottage bedroom design, I am really trying to focus on the space being as bright and airy as possible. I want that beachy vibe to come through, and really feel like an escape for my parents. With that in mind, I went to find inspiration for the cottage bedroom design.

Starting with this beautiful bedroom by Chrissy Marie who used Ice Cube by Sherwin Williams to get her bright and airy bedroom. I like the contrasting but still complimenting drapes, and the white bed frame. She brought the outdoors in, by adding a plant in their room which I also love.

This beautiful seaside escape has woven shades and a jute rug that gives it the coastal feel I’m looking for. Which looks great with the seaside painting above the bed that I am so tempted to add to the cottage bedroom design.

The last picture I pulled for the cottage bedroom design is from Danielle Oakey’s winter collection shoot. I love the dark wood with the bright white room and the jute textures. It’s the coastal vibes I’m looking for that feels like you are on vacation.

I am so excited to start this project on my parent’s cottage bedroom. They deserve it and I am just so blessed that we’re able to do this for them. I can’t wait to share more soon and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram stories for more behind the scenes.

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