What’s Actually Wrong with my Living Room Layout?

We bought our house almost three years ago and I’ve rearranged our living room more times than I’d like to admit. Each time it just didn’t look right, and I started questioning what was wrong with my living room. I’ve done everything from paint the walls beige (which I totally regret), purchase a new couch, I’ve even painted the orange dresser a cool white. And I still hate it.

I recently joined a design group and they gave me some insight as to what’s wrong with my living room. I thought I would share what I know so far:

What’s wrong with my living room layout?

I learned that you should size up when it comes to buying rugs for the living room. Basically whatever size you think will fit, buy the next size up. In our case, we need at least 9×12, which is a lot bigger than the 5×7 we currently have. Also, rugs keep your furniture grounded so they don’t look like they are floating in mid-air.

Adding contrast to any room will only enhance the look of the space. By adding black curtain rods, black chairs and even painting the console will break up the tone of the living room.

Speaking of curtains, I’ve had them on my must-haves list for so long. It’s been a matter of finding curtains that are 96″ or longer and actually committing to a look. I’ve learned that the trick is to place your curtains higher and wider than the window, in order to give the illusion of more space.

Unless you want a hygge style living room or you want tone on tone, then I think having lighter walls is the way to go. So I’m painting it again! This time we’re sticking with a tried and true color called Simply White by Benjamin Moore. We used that colour in our bedroom recently.

Finally, add some texture like real or faux leather pillows, a throw blanket, bowls, and some fresh florals.

I’m taking all this advice to the living room this weekend and hopefully I’ll finally be able to say that I figured out what’s wrong with the living room.

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