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I feel like everyone has an opinion when it comes to choosing the perfect Christmas tree. It got me thinking, what’s your preference? real or faux? You’ll soon find out that we always have a real tree. It’s just a tradition that my family has done since I was a child! Every year we would go out as a family, drive to an area we “scooped out” a few weeks before, and cut down our own Christmas tree.

We would always do Christmas at the cottage, and one year my dad took my sister and I out to get a tree. I’m still not sure what his thought process was behind choosing the one he did, but we brought it home and I swear it had maybe four branches. LOL it was our very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and boyyy was I mad. I’m not sure why I cared that much, but I guess I’ve always been that decorator at heart. So I remember my mom and me trying our best to make it look at good as we could. I’ll have to find a picture because I’m sure we have one of that tree.

Tomorrow is our turn to find the perfect real Christmas tree, but I’m trying to talk Tony into going to the Christmas tree farm instead of the bush this year. You’ll find out on stories what we end up doing!

Christmas Table Decor on a Budget

Anyway in other news, Instagram has been causing a lot of issues for bloggers, business owners, and anyone else who wants content shown. Including our account, and it’s made me realize two things. First, I love blogging and this blog is where you will find me no matter what. Two, as much as I want to say I don’t care, I do. But I think seeing numbers that I’m not happy with has just pushed me to make better content. I recently sat down with our little team and we went over what our mission and values are. More importantly, we talked about how we can give you (our reader) inspiration, knowledge, and still be entertaining going into 2021.

via, Boxwood Avenue

Lastly, lets talk Christmas shopping. Have you started yet? I’m notorious for leaving it to the last minute. I am not doing that this year! I promised myself I would make an effort and use my gift guides haha. Speaking of gift guides we’re going to be releasing them this entire week and I could not be more excited! I especially can’t wait to share some local small shops with you and how we can support other small businesses this holiday season.

So I’ll leave you with the two beautiful Christmas trees that I’m taking inspiration from. I’m leaning towards the minimal look this year, something natural and neutral. I want our real Christmas tree to be the highlight of our decor, and I also want to show you everything once I’m done!

Here are my favorite Christmas tree decor

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