The Cottage Patio Reveal with AllModern

Welcome to our latest makeover! We worked with AllModern to bring you inspiration for your own beautiful back deck oasis

I am so excited about today’s post! We’re finally revealing our back deck makeover with AllModern. It’s one of my favorites to date and I want to give a big thank you to AllModern for sponsoring this post.

But before we jump into it, let’s take a look at how the patio looked when this past spring.

What we struggled with the most with the design, was the size of the deck. It spans the total length of our home, all the way from the french doors to our dining room to the french doors to our bedroom.

This is a perfect example of why rug size is so important when designing any space. The previous outdoor rug was 5×7 which was from a past design project. I used it in place until I had time to sit down and plan the space out.

As you can see I was trying to work with what we had, and I even put together a “shop my house” style makeover during quarantine last year.

Back Deck Makeover with AllModern

When it came to designing or rather decorating our new outdoor space. I had a few must-haves that I really wanted to make happen.

My Back Deck Must Haves List

This is my list of wants and needs:

  1. An Outdoor Oasis – Somewhere I can go with my morning cup of coffee and an evening glass of wine.
  2. Child Friendly – At this current season of life, function wins over design in most cases. Especially true when it comes to outdoor furniture. This is why we decided on a conversation set over a dining table. Just for the simple fact that I didn’t want the kids to climb on the table or fall off. A conversation set with a coffee table felt more aligned with us at this moment.
  3. Easy to Clean and Keep Clean – I’ve had several outdoor furnishings that were either covered in mildew or the plastic was destroyed at the end of a season. It’s important to note that our area is experiencing a rather humid summer.

The entire purpose of this design was to make the patio feel like an extension of our home. Adding plants, a soft outdoor rug, and comfy seating, would create a place we could spend time with friends and family.

Not to mention, AllModern has so many beautiful options to choose from. So I knew we were in good hands.

Let’s get into the details of the pieces we choose for this makeover, and why I think you’ll like them too.

Francesco Acacia Conversation Set

Once I knew we wanted a conversation set I started planning. I also knew the best way to deal with a large deck was to break it up into zones. Even though we had more than enough room for a large 8 or 9-seat conversation set, I wanted it to sit comfortably under a large patio umbrella.

Which is why we choose the Francesco Acacia Conversation Set. It’s a deep loveseat with straight, clean lines. Made from solid acacia wood, the quality of the set is amazing, and yes I did my research so you don’t have to. It was an easy choice because there were so many raving reviews.

Online the specifications said the set had beige cushions, but they are more of an off-white. They are wipable and they have velcro strips to help keep the cushions in place.

Coffee Table

Matching the streamlined structure of the loveseat, the coffee table is also water resistant. It’s beautiful, and we styled it with a white metal tray, with a candle and a plant.

You can find more details on the dimensions HERE.

I did want to note that we did purchase a large waterproof cover so we could protect the furniture. One of my main concerns was the stain on the table and loveseat would bleach in the hot sun.

Tuscany Denim Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug

This also serves as a lounge area for us and the kids, so we wanted to have plenty of comfy areas to play. Which is where the beautiful blue rug comes in, not only was it inexpensive for a rug this size but it’s also soft.

I also love that I don’t have to worry about the rug, it’s not something I have to roll up and bring in every time. It’s weather resistant and water resistant.

Fenton Cotton Lumbar Pillow Cover and Insert

For the finishing touch with our AllModern patio makeover, I choose a beautiful indoor/outdoor lumbar pillow. For an affordable price, we ended up getting the pillow cover and insert for $53.

Linking the pillow HERE.

I love that the blue pillow compliments the blue on the rug. While enhancing the beautiful acacia wood furniture.

To style the rest of the space I added two outdoor chairs, a few more plants, and some string lights. Next week, we’ll chat all about affordable patio ideas!

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