8 Fun Non-Alcoholic Bar Cart Ideas to try this Summer!

If you are looking for a way to use your bar cart a lot more this summer, this is the perfect article for you!

non-alcoholic bar cart ideas

Summer is right around the corner, and we’re excited to host friends and family a lot more this year. One of the biggest tips we constantly hear from entertaining experts is to have a stocked bar cart that is all prepped and ready to go.

So we wanted to explore some fun ideas to stock your bar cart with that might not always include alcohol. And whether you have a teeny-tiny patio or a big backyard these are fun outdoor bar cart ideas that will make your next get-together a major hit.

Keep reading to find out how to make these 9 non-alcoholic bar carts this summer.

8 Fun, Alcohol-Free Bar Cart Ideas for the Summer

A Non-Alcoholic Outdoor Bar Cart

non-alcoholic bar cart ideas

Let’s start off with a super simple, non-alcoholic bar cart. Because we’re more than happy to make all the peach mocktails for your next dinner party with girlfriends.

You can decorate the bar cart with a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers that are made to look like they were hand-picked from your garden. A pitcher of ice-cold water is a must, served in our favorite seagrass-wrapped pitchers of course.

Don’t forget to grab a fresh Pellegrino and some diced fruit for your guest’s glass and you’re ready to entertain.

S’more Cart

A S’mores cart is perfect for outdoor movie nights, or hosting friends and family. We love the idea of putting together a make-your-own S’more’s bar cart.

To make it, grab a few bowls or glass jars and fill them with marshmallows, chunked chocolate chips, Oreos, and fruit. Next, add a plate with a handful of graham crackers and our favorite S’more sticks from Amazon.

Brunch Station

Hotels are infamous for making brunch stations, and we thought it was another fun idea for brunch dates or sleepovers. Whether your guests are 10 or 50, this is a fun way to not only impress your guests but also cater to their dietary needs.

All you need is to add a few finger food options like tiny muffins, bite-sized bagels, and mini waffles to a two-tiered server ware. This way it saves some space on a small bar cart but still gives you the options.

Another tip for outdoor dining is to use melamine dinner sets. They are perfect for the outdoors because they look chic and rarely break.

Coffee Bar Cart

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In a perfect world, I would have a coffee bar cart waiting for me every morning on my patio. But you could use a bar cart either indoors or outdoors. The best part is it’s totally moveable and doesn’t require a ton of work to put together.

Try adding a neon sign to a wall that signals to your guests that they can grab tea or coffee there. Think of it as your own personal coffee bar.

Simple things like including a handful of cute cups, spoons, and glass straws are always great ideas. It’s the details that your guests will love the most.

Popcorn Station

If you missed our Summer Bucket List, you can grab your free printable below and follow along! One of the bucket list items I shared the other day was to host an outdoor movie night, and what perfect time to use the bar cart as a popcorn station.

We came across a mini popcorn maker from Amazon that even looks like a retro popcorn machine. You’ll need some popcorn containers, movie butter, and some topping options of course.

Kids Drink Station

We love creating fun things for the kids. They always have a great time and feel so involved when you ask them to help. For this, we would include some fruit juice or flavored water with some fun bright decor, balloons, and classic games like Twister or scavenger hunt.

This would be a great idea for a back-to-school or end-of-summer party for the kids!

Hot Chocolate Bar

Summer or not, this hot chocolate bar could be used all year long. It’s fun to include some seasonal decor too. Make this fun by using additional toppings, colorful marshmallows, and dairy-free options.

Desert Cart

This would be a fun idea for birthdays, parties, or when you’re hosting a dinner. I love having dessert on a separate table when you’re having a dinner party.

Not only does it keep dessert off your main table but allows everyone to easily make their own plates.

Try finding local bakers and asking them to put together a box of their top 5 or so deserts. That way you are trying new things and you’re also supporting local small businesses.

I hope you enjoyed these 8 non-alcoholic bar cart ideas for your next summer party! We’d love to know if you have any other ideas in the comments.

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