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How to Plan the Best Dinner Every Time

This article shares how to plan the best dinner...


  1. Madi Dearson says

    I love these ideas. Salmon is a big hit in our family. As for cookbooks I don’t really use those anymore, I look for recipes online and then I put them in an oldfashioned recipe notebook:) MY favorite vegan dish that I make is Vegan Pad-thai that I make with tofu and Rice noodles so it is also Gluten-Free.

    • stephanie says

      We LOVE salmon in our home, I want to start being more adventurous with cooking because I find we eat the same thing over and over again. I also love that too I have an oldfashioned recipe notebook too! And I need to try that vegan pad-thai legit my mouth is watering writing this lol.

  2. Hannah says

    Great post – I am totally with you when it comes to meal planning as it’s sooooo important. It’s really helped us save money, whilst avoiding food waste, encouraging diversity of meals, and making cooking fun! Great recipe and cookbook suggestions, too.

    • stephanie says

      omg yes, the money you save is incredible! We would always waste so much produce because it would go bad before we used it, but now when I plan out what we eat it saves us on buying random things that never get eaten.
      Thanks for stopping by! <3

    • stephanie says

      I totally get that! I enjoy the prep too, and it’s always easier to eat healthily when we reach for something to snack on.

      Thanks babe!

  3. Rhiannon says

    Great tips here, I always plan and have a set day to do my food shopping every week!! I use a thermomix to cook and it’s been a lifesaver!! Check out my post on it at my blog to see what I’m talking about, it has amazing vegan recipes built into the app!! xx

    • stephanie says

      I seriously want a Thermomix! I read your post and told my mom about it right away, it sounds amazing.

  4. Kelsea Cole says

    That sundried tomato pesto pasta sounds amazing!!!
    I always seem to have the hardest time with prepping the food right when I get home from shopping….

    • stephanie says

      I know, to be honest, it usually takes me until the next day to actually prep them. But once I do it makes a world of a difference. <3 Let me know if you make the Sundried Tomato Pesto Pasta, it's delicious.

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