Black Front Door Ideas for Every Style of Home

If you’ve ever been interested in having a black front door but aren’t sure how it fits with your style of home. Keep reading to see more inspiration!

A few months ago one of our pins on Pinterest went viral and we realized two things:

  1. That almost everyone loves a black front door or at least has one pinned.
  2. and We need to write a round-up post of all our styling tips for black doors.

We also totally get people’s obsession with black front doors. I mean not only is it a beautiful way to up the curb appeal, but it also makes seasonal decorating way more fun.

So if your looking for black front door ideas or styling inspiration you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a look at how each style of home looks with a black door, and how you can make it work for your style of home.

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Black Front Door Styles

Modern Style Black Front Door

Regardless if your house is more on the modern side or leans toward contemporary, a black front door can add the perfect amount of contrast.

When it comes to styling your front door, it’s best to keep the decor simple, like your house.

I like to do this by adding just one potted plant next to a simple doormat. We like to enjoy the white or blank walls of a modern home and focus on adding large house numbers instead of more decor.

I especially love how well the vintage-style light looks next to the black door and ties in with a black planter. Otherwise, a modern entryway might feel a little stale and too bright.

The Traditional Style Home

There are so many design ideas when it comes to a traditional home. But I always come back to styling a front porch with bright flowers and more simple decor. The main focus should be the house followed by the door color.

However, we know some people would rather highlight their front porches over their home exteriors. Maybe the house is a remodel or needs to be fixed. But choosing to do a budget makeover and easily paint the door might be just the thing to take away from the outside of your home.

If this is the case, don’t be afraid to use some attention-grabbing planters, with colorful florals to draw the eye in. Traditional-style homes need structure and symmetry which is what we see in the photo above. So painting your door black and keeping things simple will encourage a lot more curb appeal almost instantly.

The Cottage Style Home with a Black front Door

As you can probably guess, cottage-style homes are our favorite style for a reason. It’s beyond beautiful and you can’t go wrong with a black door.

If painting your front door is something you’ve been thinking about doing, I will say that grabbing black paint and a door stand from your local hardware store is the easiest way to add character.

Not to mention it’s a great investment, and will only make your home look better in my opinion. Instead of taking away from the character of the house, I think it adds to it.

Keep reading to find out our top recommended black paint!

As far as styling goes, grab an armful of chopped logs, a welcome mat, and a basket filled with whatever is in season and you’re all set!

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The Modern Farmhouse with a Black Front Door

The farmhouse style has risen in popularity over the years and black doors along with it. Typically we see a lot of white siding and classic windows along with the home exteriors. But we also love to see a bit of contrast on the front porch, bringing the eye in to see the beautiful beautiful decor.

Speaking of decor, styling the farmhouse door is easily done in three stages. The first is with a large basket for seasonal fun. Then add some terra-cotta planters filled with boxwoods and miniature lemon trees. Finally, we need a bench or in this case two chairs for sitting in the morning and enjoying your coffee.

French Country Style with a Black front Door

black front door ideas - French Country Style

Regardless if you have a double door or single, the french country-style home will look great paired with a ton of beautiful flowers. Keeping the design simple, romantic and whimsical. We love a large wreath up during all seasons, it’s fun to change out, and black highlights the color choices.

One thing I loved about this door is the number of glass panes, that let all the natural light into the home. It’s a great tip for anyone who is designing or looking for entryway ideas.

Contemporary Style Home

We love a good contemporary-style home, especially with a painted black front door. I appreciate the use of colors and patterns. This example is perfect with the tiles and layers of garland.

This beautiful door looks great with cascading garlands in the winter and thick greenery in the summer. Another fun way to add some interest and up the curb appeal is adding a vintage-style chair and a fun potted tree.

This example I wanted to note also used a ceiling light instead of a small lamp. This is one of my favorite black front doors for a reason.

The Best Black Paint for Doors

  • Black Magic by Sherwin Williams
  • Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams
  • Soot by Benjamin Moore
  • Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore
  • French Beret by Benjamin Moore
  • Dark Kettle Black by Valspar
  • Onyx by Benjamin Moore

To make it easier for you to remember we made a fun graphic to bring to the paint shop. Always grab samples because you never know what you might like and how it looks with your home.

the best black paint ideas

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  1. 1.23.23
    Portella said:

    Oh, I love this!! Traditionally, colors like blue, white, and yellow are popularly used for farmhouse front doors. These colors invoke the essence of the old Americana style and bring a calm and warm feeling to your entryway. But these also look great, and I like that they go well with almost any home style.

    • 1.26.23
      Stephanie Vainer said:

      Thank you! I love the Americana style, and I’m considering a light color for our door.