21 Romantic Ideas for Beach Picnics at Night

Planning a romantic picnic on the beach at night? this post is for you! We have over # ideas and a step-by-step tutorial on how to make it the best experience!

If you are lucky enough to live on or near the water, you know how magical and romantic a night on the beach can be. Research has actually proven that being near, in, or around water can provide a long list of benefits for our mind, body, and soul. Including things like lowering stress levels, easing anxiety, increasing our overall sense of well-being, happiness, and even lowering our heart rates. 

This summer, if your travel plans include a beachfront cottage or maybe you’re looking for a unique, but budget-friendly experience, we wanted to share how to plan the perfect romantic date! Trust us, a romantic picnic on the beach at night is a great way to reconnect with your partner, impress a new love interest for a first date, or can even be the perfect solo date night adventure for yourself. Maybe you’re looking to relax and unwind after a hard week at the office. 

Keep reading to find out our top tips on how to set up the perfect romantic picnic on the beach at night!

How to Have a Romantic Picnic on the Beach at Night

Romantic beach picnics are also the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday. Picnics in general are a cost-effective way to show someone you care, and it’s quite easy to pull off (with the help of some good weather from Mother Nature of course!). 

Ok, let’s dive right into how to spend quality time with friends or your special someone on the perfect summer night! 

How do you make a romantic picnic night?

Watching the sunset at the beach is pretty romantic on its own, but if you really want to go all out then we suggest adding a few of the following picnic supplies to your list.

– Blanket to sit on

– flameless candles

​- Twinkle lights

– Charcuterie board

– Wine or some fun drink

– Blue tooth speaker (sometimes background music makes the moment even better)

These are just a few ways to make the experience even more amazing, on top of the other ideas we’ll share below.

Beach Picnic Essentials

Click the pictures above to shop for the item directly.

Can a picnic be done at night?

A picnic can defiantly be done at night, they are a great way to spend time by yourself, with friends, or with a special someone. Plus, it’s a unique date idea that will surely impress your guest(s).

What should we bring on a picnic at night?

A few quick things that come to mind, other than your typical list is to keep an eye on the weather for the day of your picnic. The biggest issue with a picnic beach date night is that it rains or storms. So hopefully we can avoid that. However, you also want lighting, perhaps something to keep the bugs away like bug spray, or a Thermacell Mosquito Repellant Device which works amazing by the way. 

You’ll also need lighting of some kind, so you can actually see at night.

How to choose the perfect location

What could top a romantic beach picnic? A romantic beach picnic with the perfect views! Prior to your actual outing, we recommend scouting out the location for the perfect picnic to make your actual evening run smoothly. Planning your summer picnic to include the sunset, a memorable location or low traffic area will ensure a great time for your luxury beach picnic. If you have private property, sunset beach picnics should be easy to pull off! 

We do recommend choosing your location a few days before so you are fully prepared for what you need to bring. We also suggest setting up your romantic beach picnic before the sun actually sets so you have ample lighting for the setup process (and to make it pretty). 

If you are going to a beach with a tide, be sure to consult the local tides/currents and water levels guide to ensure adequate sand/beach space will be available during the date and time you had in mind! 

Romantic Picnic Food Ideas

– Different types of cheese

– Charcuterie

– Small sandwiches

– Salads (pasta, potato, greek, etc.)

– Brownies

– Chips and Dip

– Veggies and dip

– Fruit (dried or fresh)

– Chocolate-covered strawberries

– Pizza

– Pasta (premade)

– Sushi

13+ Cute Picnic Date Ideas

​Luxury Picnic

I loved the idea of a luxury beach picnic because it’s pretty hands-off. There are a few companies, and probably some event companies in your area that will come and do a picnic setup for you. So this is great for anyone who doesn’t have the time to set anything up, and in most cases, they will also include picnic food and even have suggestions for the perfect beach picnic locations. 

Romantic Beach Picnic

We all know that takeout can be costly, and a night out on the town with your partner can easily run a couple of hundred dollars by the time you purchase drinks, appetizers, your main meal, and dessert. A beach picnic using your own food is at the top of our romantic picnic ideas list because it’s simply a good idea! 

You can pull off a romantic beach picnic using items you likely already have at home!

We’ve summarized the items you’ll need to gather up (including our recommendations for the perfect charcuterie board dinner)! 

– A picnic blanket

– Citronella Candle (for ambiance and mosquito control)

– Charcuterie Boards or Bento Box for storage and display 

– A picnic basket or cooler bag to put all of your items into 

– A bottle of wine, wine bottle opener, and wine glasses

– Fresh Fruit and vegetables 

– Your favorite meats and cheeses, pre-cut

– Your favorite crackers or bread, pre-cut

– Chocolate (a beautiful dark chocolate bar will complement the occasion beautifully)

– Linen or cloth napkins (leave no waste behind and will guarantee they don’t blow away)

– Antipasto of your choice (we think every charcuterie board needs olives and pickles!)

The following bonus items are not necessary, but will enhance your evening: 

– Bluetooth speaker to play romantic songs or background music 

– Glow Sticks or fairy lights to set the mood and add soft lighting 

– Cozy Pillows for comfort 

– Beach towels for an impromptu swim

Stargazing Picnic

What’s more romantic than gazing up at the stars? For this picnic idea, you’ll need to add a few more things to your list like extra blankets to make it cozy and comfy.

Think about grabbing a blowup mattress if you can, and placing the blankets on top. You’ll also need a ton of pillows, don’t just grab two, if you really want to make it look good, grab some throw pillows in the mix. Other fun things include a telescope if you can, a flashlight, and of course snacks.

​Outdoor Movie Picnic

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while! This is a great idea because all you need is a portable projector, a screen that you can either blow up or you can use a white sheet and hang it on a tree, on a car, or use a white wall.

Another idea is to use a tablet, phone, or computer to watch a pre-loaded movie. It doesn’t have to be complicated! You can bring along movie snacks like popcorn (even grabbing some from the local theatre on your way), drinks, blankets, and pillows.

Candlelit Dinner Picnic

This is a great idea for flameless candles because no one wants to start a fire or have something happen on a date night. Grab a picnic blanket and your favorite food. 

Charcuterie Picnic

If a charcuterie board is more your style for outdoor dining, you can totally use the picnic spread above for a sit-down dinner at a table outdoors also! The food will surely be the runner-up for once compared to the romantic atmosphere and fresh air!

Don’t forget, you can always order some ahead of time. It makes for a quick, but intentional date night on the beach.

Wine and Cheese Picnic

There are so many types of wine and cheese and we love them all! For your next picnic grab your favorite white or red wine, some cheese and crackers, and head to the beach with a blanket, and some music and enjoy your evening.

Pizza and Wine Picnic

If you’re anything like my husband and I, you’ll most likely appreciate a pizza and wine picnic on the beach. It’s an easy and budget-friendly way to have a romantic beach picnic at night.

Picnic Table

Sitting on the beach isn’t for everyone, which is why we wanted to include the picnic table as an idea. And just like any other public table, we recommend a picnic blanket or tablecloth before putting any food down. But it’s a wonderful way to still enjoy the beach without getting sand everywhere.

Or if you can’t use a picnic table, see if you can find one or two crates. You can usually find them at big box stores, or ask local grocery shops if there are any. You could also get a fold-up table and chairs from Amazon.

Bonfire Picnic 

Perfect for a group of friends, or couples nights. Put together a bonfire, BYOB, music (or a guitar), and order some of your favorite food! It makes for a romantic evening for everyone. 

Sunset Picnic

​Want to impress that special person? arrange a beach picnic at least an hour or so before sunset. Giving you time to talk, and eat before the sun actually sets. A good tip is to check on your phone and see when the sun sets in your area.

Beach Dinner

If you are really looking to impress on your romantic date night, a romantic dinner might be more your style. Cooking romantic meals on the beach will take a bit more advanced preparation, but we promise it will be well worth the trouble. 

A traditional sit-down dinner generally requires a table. something that you don’t typically find at the beach. For this reason, we are recommending the use of picnic tables at an available picnic area nearby. A night picnic dinner will be equally as beautiful as a night picnic. To make it stand out, set your space up using whimsical tablescapes such as fresh flowers, candles, and beautiful plastic serve ware. 

Note: Hosting an outdoor dinner can easily be done in your own backyard and can be just as romantic by using props and paying attention to the finer details. Use your own space!

The key to success for an outdoor dinner such as this is to make your main dish ahead of time. A meal that not does require re-heating will also ensure more– quality time spent together. Think big beautiful salads you can easily toss, topped with air-chilled pre-cooked proteins, watermelon poke bowls, or a grilled peach and prosciutto sandwich. 

​Dessert Picnic by the Beach

As mentioned before, do picnic or dinner would be complete without a sweet treat to finish off the evening. A few fun picnic ideas for dessert lovers include:

– Two bite-brownies

– Macarons 

– Gourmet Chocolate

– Cupcakes or homemade cookies

Basically, easy-to-eat items that can be packed and transported without causing structural damage to the item.  An entire cheesecake will likely not travel well to the beach but mini cheesecakes would be perfect!

Game Night at the Beach

Why not create a treasure hunt for your partner to enjoy during your sunset picnic? This is an excellent opportunity to show off your creativity and make your nighttime picnic extra special. We know our readers are busy, working professionals or moms of multiples, so we’ve done the hard work for you and have created an adorable little scavenger hunt! 

The person playing the scavenger hunt game must find and take a photo or selfie with the following items at the beach:

– Something slimy

– A beach sign

– A picture of a boat

– Something buried in the sand 

– An unbroken seashell

– A unique rock

– Animal Tracks

– Something made of wood 

– A seagull or other bird 

– Sandcastle

– Beach crab or starfish 

If a scavenger hunt is not your thing, why not exchange handwritten love letters with each other and exchange them during your date? Another unique way to spend the evening might be to watch a movie you pre-downloaded onto a tablet or partake in virtual wine tastings. But there are so many fun ways to enjoy a romantic beach picnic at night, and we hope this inspired you to add it to your bucket list!

We also want to hear what you think, do you feel ready to go on a romantic beach picnic this summer or take your regular picnic ritual to the next level? 

There are so many unique date nights we want to share, and as always, we always want to hear from you. We’d love to tailor our upcoming articles and share exactly what you are looking for!

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