Calling all Pet Owners! We’ve got the Best Mop for you

Post Summary: We’ve rounded up the best mops for dogs (and any pet) because we all know how messy our furry friends can be sometimes.

We know that having the right tools is essential for any project or job. Here at Cottage Living and Style, we also know how much, you, our readers, love to purchase cool new gadgets and gizmos.  Today on the blog we’re kicking off some easy cleaning hacks with a roundup of our favorite mops and cleaning tools to help you get you get your home ready for anything life may throw at it.

If you live in a pet-friendly home, keeping your floors clean and tidy can be extra troublesome. Pet hair, dog hair, and large areas of muddy pawprints generally send us over the edge. Not to mention a typical mop and bucket is basically a useless attempt, as you are generally just pushing dirty water around.  Trust me, I know!

My puppy Scout is pictured above, and we’ve been through the wringer. From dirty paw marks, to poop on my jute rug. These tools below have been essential to keeping my house clean.

Queue the spin mop and modern-day floor cleaning devices. 

Keep reading to find out what made the cut when it comes to the best mops for dogs!

The BEST Mops for Dogs

Spin mops and steamers have been around for quite some time now, but suddenly several new versions have popped up online and in stores, all claiming to be the best of the best. We want to help make your decision an easy one, so we did the dirty work (see what we did there) to find the best mops for laminate, hardwood, tile floors, and everything in between! Whether you are looking for a basic mop or additional features for your new cleaning tool, we’ve likely found your next purchase, below. 

Today we’re rounding up our favorite budget-friendly and splurge-worthy floor mops for houses with dogs, other pets, children or who are we kidding, even husbands!

Pet owners, if you’re looking for the best mops for dogs (or any pet) then this is for you!

Why does your type of flooring matter?

In today’s blog, we’re sharing our favorite mops based on your current flooring type. Depending on the material, texture, and color of your floors, they might require some special care to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed. 

Most of the mops and products we’re revising, however, do work on multiple surfaces! If you’re anything like us, a good mop can change your life. 

Best Mop for Laminate Floors

Is your floor looking grungier than usual this spring? Every little spill, scuff, and dust bunny is easy to spot on laminate floors, making your mop choice especially important. Laminate floors are unique in that they do not like access moisture. Mops that leave behind large amounts of water put your floors at risk for swelling or warping, two things we do not want to happen! When it comes to mopping laminate floors, your mop choice should in fact be on the dryer side, rather than wet. Laminate does not like excess water! 

Budget Friendly

O-Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket

Budget-friendly removes 99% of bacteria and it’s safe for vinyl, tile, and hardwood.

Check it out >

O-Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket is laminate safe (it’s also safe for vinyl, tile, and hardwood), and has re-usable microfiber mops that attract dirt, grim,e and pet hair, making it a perfect eco-friendly option (simply toss it in the washing machine to clean and hang to dry). This mop is also incredibly lightweight, hands-free wringing, and does not need batteries or charging to use! This mop wins the small spaces vote because of how easy it is to use and store when not in use. 

Tips & Tricks

If we’ve learned anything from our friends at Go Clean Co (Go Clean Co YYC – Go Clean Co YYC), Water, Bleach, and Powdered Tide is the ultimate cleaning solution for floors.

The best floor cleaning solution, created by them, is as follows:

4 cups of hot water

4 teaspoons of bleach

½ teaspoon of powered Tide (must be powdered)


Tineco Wet/Dry Vacuum and Hardwood Floor Cleaner

The Tineco One S3 has gone VIRAL online, for good reason. We are so happy with our purchase and I know you’ll love it too.

Check it out >

While our focus is always on budget-friendly and attainable products, sometimes we do like to splurge on an item that really is worth the investment. The Tineco One SE is both one of the best mop/vacs I’ve seen recently. It’s cordless, lightweight, and rechargeable, making it incredibly easy to use.

This is a new one, and I wanted to update this post because we are so IMPRESSED. I will share a video review shortly, but until then this Amazon find has the top overall spot. I love the idea of a wet and dry vacuum and floor cleaner. I was skeptical at first, wondering how good could it possibly be, and if it would actually pick everything up (like dog hair). To my honest, surprise it works amazingly well.

Best Mop for Hardwood Floors

Every homeowner wishes they had hardwood floors because of the beautiful colors and textures and longevity of the product. If you are lucky enough to have splurged on hardwood floors, taking proper care of them is likely at the top of your list. If you are a homeowner with pets or children, you probably have already noticed how quickly dirt and fur can show on your beautiful hardwood. Because hardwood floors are more prone to scratching or cracking if improper tools are used, it’s important to protect your investment with the right mop choice.

Budget Friendly

The Swiffer Powermop Wood Kit

The updated version of the WetJet, this high-performance mop is great for getting dirt and grime off floors.

Check it out >

The Swiffer Powermop Wood and Cleaning Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get your hardwood floors sparkling in minutes. The ultra-fine mist spray nozzle gives users great control of the solution and provides an even coat to floors. Cleaning in the evening? Not to worry, the illuminated nozzle will guide you.

What makes this kit hardwood safe? The cleaning cloths are a soft, micro-fiber-like material, making them gentle enough to use on delicate hardwood. Did we mention this kit uses disposable pads? Simply toss when finished!  The liquid cleaning formula is also specially formulated for delicate hardwood and guaranteed to leave beautiful streak-free floors as the end result. This mop also works great in tight spaces because of how lightweight it is and its ability to maneuver between furniture. 


The Bissel Power Fresh Steam Mop

Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria with one go! It’s also 2x more effective than leading steam mops.

Check it out >

The Bissel Power Fresh Steam Mop will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria on your floors with one go-over, making it 2x more effective and fast than other leading steam mops at removing paw prints, bacteria, and smudges on hardwood floors. This device also uses no harsh chemicals (only water) that you can easily refill at any point during your cleaning spree. Washable pads also make this an eco-friendly option!

Best Mop for Tile Floors

When it comes to the best mops for dogs we’re sharing the top contenders for tile floors. We know they require specific cleaning tools and best practices because of the grout that is used to hold the tiles in place. Ceramic or tile floors need a “strip” mop head, to ensure you are not just pushing the dirt from the tiles into the grout, which is why we recommend the following.

Budget Friendly 

The Vileda Ultramax Mop

Great for removing stubborn dirt easily with this microfiber mop.

Check it out >

The Vileda Ultramax Complete Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System has an exclusive bucket design with a built-in wringer that allows for hands-free wringing and is the perfect tool for any and all floor surfaces. The high-quality foot pedal is designed to allow the user to control the moisture level. The flexible mop head lets you get into those tough corners (like behind the toilet) with ease. The mop head can be used wet or dry and is machine washable.

Note: Ashley uses the Vileda spin mop to clean every surface of her home, including walls, car, baseboards, and more. To wash walls, use a new spin mop head and gently spin out the solution until your mom is only slightly damp (about 10 pushes on the foot pedal). With the extendable handle and microfiber material, you can easily clean walls and hard-to-reach surfaces in minutes!

Once you’re done with the walls, go out and finish washing down the car!


The Bissell Spin Wave Pet Floor Mop

Not only are the reviews on Amazon insane! But this cordless spin mop was named the best electric mop by consumer reports.

Check it out >

The Bissell SpinWave PET Hardwood Floor Mop is cordless freedom when it comes to cleaning your floors. Named the best electric mop by consumer reports, gone are the days of having to get down on your hands and knees for clean and shiny floors. The powerful spin mop heads power through sticky messes on tile, linoleum, and all other sealed hard surfaces. The on-demand spray lets you control how much or how little solution to use and the starter kit comes packaged with soft and scrubby pads. Every Bissel PET purchase also helps save pets. The Bissell Pet Foundation is on a mission to save homeless pets, and your purchase helps them get closer!

Want to know our favorite part of mopping? Pouring the dirty liquid out and loving knowing how clean your floors are again!

Best Mop for Vinyl Floors 

Vinyl floors are unique in that they can be 100% waterproof when sealed correctly to stop moisture from seeping into your floors. They are a cost-effective way to add texture and color to your space and come in a variety of patterns that very closely imitate different wood species, which would cost you a much higher price tag to install. Vinyl planks are also highly stain resistant and much easier to maintain than hardwood floors. So, how do you clean this special type of flooring? 

Budget Friendly 

Rubbermaid Reveal Microfiber Spray Mop

Has a dual-sided mop head, can be used wet or dry, and is easy to use with one touch.

Check it out >

The Rubbermaid Reveal Microfiber Spray Mop Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need for a clean floor without much time spent cleaning! The flat mop kit comes with 1 spray mop, 3 cleaning pads, and 2 refill bottles and is the ultimate lightweight mop. The microfiber cleaning pads are known to pick up 50% more dirt and pet messes per swipe than leading traditional mops and can be used for wet mopping or dry mopping. The reusable pads can also be used on average, 100 times, making them an excellent option for your wallet and the environment. 


Bissel CrossWave Multisurface Wet Dry Vac

This steam mop cleans, and vacuums and can be used wet or dry!

Check it out >

The Bissel CrossWave Multisurface Wet and Dry Vac is what dreams are made of. Perfect for larger areas, this mop saves you valuable time by vacuuming and washing at the same time! We know that there are many different types of mops on the market, but if you are going to splurge on just one, let it be this one! It works on all flooring types, including wooden floors, carpeting, area rugs, laminate, or vinyl. The turbo microfiber mop head is uniquely engineered to scrub and pick up debris at the same time. The easy-to-use finger control buttons allow you to easily switch between rug and hardwood cleaning and will alter the water flow for you. For heavy-duty cleaning done easily, this product is for you and wins our vote for best overall mop from the entire list. 

This product is not intended to be consistently used as a dry vac only! 

Best Mop for Concrete Floors

Concrete floors have many benefits, from durability to versatility. Because concrete is a porous material, one of the best ways to keep it clean is by mopping. Even though concrete may look and feel indestructible, cleaning them requires a gentler approach than you might think. The ideal material to effectively clean concrete floors is microfiber. Because of the softness of the microfiber fabric, it will allow you to really pick up the dirt on the porous concrete while using less water overall. 

Budget Friendly 

The Turbo Microfiber Mop

Designed to pick up pet hair, dust, and dirt in one easy swoop. This reusable mop is great for cleaning wet or dry.

Check it out >

The Turbo Microfiber Mop is a simple-to-use mop that guarantees a thorough cleaning. The best thing about this product is that it can double as a dry mop! Did we mention 360-degree swivel technology, meaning it can reach even the hardest of places? This mop is another great choice for small areas. 


Similar to hardwood floors, the Bissel power fresh steam mop will make wet cleaning a breeze!

In a complete category of its own is the new robot mop concept! The iRobot Braava Jet is the best robot mop on the market. We know that iRobot is now a household name for a robot vacuum so it’s no surprise their mop is just as magnificent.

This mop will clean ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, and stone surfaces and will easily maneuver around your home to tackle larger spaces. While regular mops require you to do the hard work, a robot mop gives you the added bonus of clean floors and time back in your day. As dog owners, we cannot wait to get our hands on this deep cleaning and convenient mop! Did we mention that with proper care, your robot’s battery life is at least 2-3 years?  Goodbye, mop handle, and hello robot cleaning! 

Now that you know what the best mops for dogs are, do you have one that’s not on the list? Do you love it? We want to know!

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