Unique Gifts for Couples

If you’re looking for personal but unique gifts for couples, we’re sharing the best gift ideas we personally love to give. You’ll find the best Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, and gifts for special occasions that are perfect for your favorite couple.

Unique Gifts for Couples, Best gift ideas for couples.

I’ve been with my husband now for over 10 years. That means for 9+ years, our family and friends have asked us year after year what we want for Valentine’s, and even Christmas (even when we tell them nothing)!

I’ve rounded up a list of some unique and thoughtful gift ideas to give to the couples in your life (wedding anniversary gifts, housewarming gifts, and Christmas gifts) a gift we know they will love.

Unique Gifts for Couples

For the Couple that Travels

We know that some couples are happiest when they are traveling and trying new things.

This Wanderlust travel deck by Travel Challenges Gift on Esty is a must-have item for travel enthusiasts.

The deck comes with 50 challenges you can do at any travel destination worldwide. Some of these include “Make a Souvenir”, “Share Food”, “Attend a Local Event” and “Let a Stranger Choose your Restaurant”. The company has 455 five-star reviews and we understand why!

Travel Challenges, Couples Editions

Another special gift that will surely be a hit for travel lovers is this push-pin travel map! This is a good gift for the newlywed couple who loves adventure.

Couples Travel Map

Lastly, one of the best gift ideas is to give the busy couple an Airbnb gift card for their next adventure. The best part is this works worldwide! So no matter where they travel they will be able to get to use the card.

Airbnb Gift Card

For the Stick Close to Home Couple

I absolutely love at-home date nights, especially during the holiday season. There is nothing better than getting into comfortable clothing post work, ordering in your favorite takeout, and enjoying a quiet night of quality time at home.

I have an awesome gift idea to take your at-home date night to the next level! My husband and I recently discover Unsolved Case Files, the one-time murder mystery game you solve at home. The game/kit contains all the necessary information to solve the crime, and takes on average 2-4 hours to complete. If you have young couples or any couple in your life that loves escape rooms, True Detective, and nights in, this gift will wow!

Unsolved Case Files Game

Another one of the best gift ideas for your favorite couple who love being at home is to get them a new coffee machine. This retro, 50’s style coffee machine, comes in a variety of color options and has two aroma settings for the type of couple who prefer different strengths of coffee. The SMEG 10-cup Drip Coffee Maker has a simple design that would fit perfectly with any style of home decor. We think this would make one of the best wedding gifts for a newly married couple.

SMEG 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

For the Foodie Couple

Let’s face it, most couples, especially those who have been together for a long time, have the basics of what they need. This makes it even more tricky to purchase the perfect gift. As you’ve noticed, I am a big fan of giving experience gifts. A wine bottling certificate to a location nearest the couple doubles as a date night and take-home gift in one. The recipients can spend an afternoon wine tasting all the options and choosing labels for their batch. Two months later, they will have multiple bottles of delicious homemade wine that will make them think of you with every sip. Who doesn’t appreciate a great bottle of wine?

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

Looking for a non-alcoholic option for your favorite married couple? Why not purchase a beautiful local wood serving board and package that up with some cheeses, chocolates, nuts, jellies, and crackers? We are obsessed with the beauty and quality of the wooden charcuterie boards from Canadian-owned Crawford Creek Designs!

Olivewood Rectangular Cheese Boards

For the Sentimental Couple

Does the happy couple in your life love to receive thoughtful and personalized gifts? Why not get them a truly unique family portrait?

I have personally worked with the following three companies and am beyond pleased with the results!

What She Sewed on Etsy seller will take your most recent family photo and turn it into a hand-stitched masterpiece, which we think is a pretty unique gift. As every order is customized, be sure to order early and watch shop deadlines to ensure your product arrives before your milestone!

What She Sewed

Peach Portraits turned our pet photos and wedding photo into beautiful, digital pieces of artwork. I simply sent her a photo or two and she produced these beautiful, ready-to-print images. 

Custom Family Portrait with Pets

My Tiny Creatives is another one-woman show run by a fabulous female! All you need to do is send her a photo of each person you want in the finished collage or a complete family portrait, and she will turn it into a gorgeous and personalized watercolor print. 

Family Portrait Illustration

For the Couple with the new Home

Did the couple you are trying to buy for just purchase a new home? A great gift idea is a custom house portrait. You could get it for their new home, or for even more sentimentality, have one created for the home they just left. The wall art also makes a fabulous housewarming present. Etsy is a great resource for projects like this but having worked with JustArtinAround, we can guarantee you won’t find a better-finished product or better customer service anywhere! 

Custom House Project

For the new Couple

Maybe the couple in your life is newly formed. This can sometimes make gift-giving more difficult when they are still establishing their style. TableTopics is a great gift to help start meaningful conversations when getting to know someone new. They are also great for parties, entertaining, classrooms, and girls’ nights. Now available in multiple themes and categories, this is a gift that keeps on giving!


For the Tech Loving Couple

Full disclosure, my husband and I are huge board game lovers. We play at least two nights a week to unwind after a long day. Recently we were fortunate enough to purchase the Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headsets with touch controllers. Growing up, I wasn’t really into video games, but virtual reality games are truly game-changers! With so many solo and partner games available, it quickly became a fun way for us to unwind together. A little friendly competition is good for a marriage, don’t you think? 

Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headsets

For the Outdoorsy Couple

Want to make the most delicious pizza together on your patio, without waiting for delivery? Outdoor pizza ovens are having a major moment and we are here for it. The Camp Chef 14-inch single pizza oven is the perfect size and price, and can be enjoyed year-round with ease! What a great idea for the couple who loves to throw a fabulous dinner party, or this could even make a great housewarming gift.

Themed pizza night anyone?

Camp Chef 14-inch Single Pizza Oven

One of my specialties is finding the perfect, personalized gift. If you are looking for a unique present and need some help finding it, shoot me an email, and let’s connect!

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