How to Style a Hallway

If you’ve ever been stumped on how to style a hallway, then this is the right post for you. We’re going over 7 tips to help inspire you to make the most of it.

The one space just about every home has, and the one space that is the most neglected. It’s no surprise since the hallway isn’t technically considered a room, but we think it deserves a bit more recognition than it gets.

So today we’re going over a few tips to help you learn how to style a hallway and make the most of this unused space.

How to Style a Hallway

Growing up I always wanted a long hallway lined with windows like Amber Lewis’s home (pictured above). However, most of us don’t have a beautiful bright hallway, instead, your hallway might look a little like ours (photo shared below). A dark, long space that I decided needed a little makeover.

Adding art along the empty walls is one of my favorite ways to break up the empty space. We currently have three large picture frames along our hallway walls. They are similar to the hallway below except they used six medium picture frames instead. I would note that normally I would say “less is more” but in this case, it’s up to you to decide what works best for your hallway.

Placing Art at the End of the Hallway

Again, similar to the photo above you can add art to your hallway, but try hanging art on the end wall. The only thing I would suggest is to make sure your photos and art are lined up at the same height. Meaning you would measure your photos from the ceiling down when planning where to put the nails or screws.

But, if you’re a long-time reader you would know my love for traditional designs. I love the mixture of rich wood tones against white walls. Which is why I love the placement of a single piece of art hanging above an antique desk.

This is especially helpful if you lack the wall space for hanging more than one piece of art on your hallway walls.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting makes a world of a difference in just about any room, especially when it comes to styling a hallway. I love the hand blown glass pendants by Douglas and Bec. It gives an other wise monochromatic hallway a unique spin.

But again, there are so many variations of lighting you could incorporate like the gold and glass pendants below. This is great for a hallway like ours becasue it still grabs your attention without being too bulky in a small space.

Rugs & Runners

There are two options I’m really loving lately when it comes to styling a hallway. That is using either one runner if it’s a smaller to average-sized hallway like Lulu & Georgia did (below). Or use two or three rugs in a long hallway to break up the length, so it doesn’t look off in terms of scale.

Choosing Rug Colours

There are endless colours to choose from. I’m assuming your here because you like my taste in style and design. Personally I live for neutral-vintage rugs and would use them everywhere if I could. I will link my absolute favourite places to find them below.

Paint & Mouldings

I’m going to keep this simple because this could be a blog post all on it’s own. I like to keep hallways very light and bright when it comes to paint, unless you have a ton of natural light or windows.

Neither is the case for us, we have a bit of light that streams in during the morning. But we want to keep it bright using Simply White by Benjamin Moore which we also used in our master bedroom.

But what I think will look amazing is having board and batten, which Rita Chan Interiors did an amazing job with.

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