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One King West Toronto Hotel Review

I couldn’t wait to share our One King West...


    • stephanie says

      Thanks Laura! it was the best place to stay, not only because of the hotel but the shopping and places to eat were all amazing as well! highly recommend.

  1. jodie says

    I’m such a sucker for a fabulous hotel like this too. It’s way more interesting than the chain hotels that all look the same.

    • stephanie says

      I couldn’t agree more! I love seeing places with history to it and I cant wait to explore more hotels this winter.
      Thanks for stopping by Jodie.

    • stephanie says

      Oh I want to take a road trip through New York sometime, we usually drive to Washington D.C every year and its always so fun.

      Thanks for stopping by Shelbee! xo

    • stephanie says

      I loved staying in Toronto! I’d definitely recommend going, its such a beautiful city.

      xox thanks for stopping by!

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