Our Editors Kids Bedroom Makeover in a Rental

One of my favorite things to do is write and read about the process of design. Which is why I get so much satisfaction from talking through the plans in my head. And I sincerely hope you’ll let me know what you think about it all too either here in the comments or on our Instagram.

Welcome to the first rental project of the year.

If you missed it, we’re currently staying at our vacation rental in Florida for the entire winter season. Over the next few months, we have several upcoming sponsorships not to mention I need to stretch those creative muscles, and working on this project is the perfect opportunity.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the kids’ bedroom in the rental. What’s working, and of course what isn’t working in this space.

Introducing the Kids Bedroom Makeover in a Rental

The Before

Kids Bedroom Makeover in a Rental - Before

Since this is a rental we’re going to challenge ourselves even more and we aren’t touching the walls, paint, or furniture.

Actually, we aren’t going to change a thing! Everything we do will be purely decorative, and using items I’ll be able to add to our decor collection.

Check out our cottage decor essentials here.

Kids Bedroom Makeover in a Rental

The plan is to stick to rental-friendly upgrades, and nothing else. Everything we’re going to do is either temporary, easy to remove, or will save money by being reused in other makeovers.

Maybe this will be relatable for some of our readers who are currently in a rental and want to make their kids feel safe, happy, and of course healthy in the space. If this is the case, hopefully, we can give you some good ideas.

Now, I’m not going to lie I struggled with the terracotta colored walls. They were a challenge to design. But I finally decided to go with some fun daisy wall decals from Etsy. I know they will they look great on the walls here, and hopefully I can reuse them on another project. If not they were under $50 including shipping and sometimes it’s worth the investment if it makes the space feel like home.

The Details:

  • We want to use a scallop rug over the hard floors
  • Replace the existing bedding for some yellow stripped sheets
  • Switch out the decorative pillows for pretty pink hues
  • Add a kid friendly lamp since we can’t touch the ceiling fan

Now that we have a plan in place, I’ll show you the mood board so you can actually see how everything looks together.

The Mood Board

Kids Bedroom Makeover in a Rental - mood board

Daisy Decals / Yellow Sheet Set / Scallop Rug / Fiddle Fig Tree / Pink Basket / Pink Picture with White Frame / Pink Pillow / White and Pink Pillow / White Sheet Set / Boho Lamp

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