13 Jungle-Themed Wallpaper for Any Room!

We’ve got 13 jungle-themed wallpaper ideas for kids’ rooms in today’s article.

Jungle-themed wallpaper

Remember a few weeks ago when we announced our participation in the One Room Challenge? Well, we didn’t exactly finish it (on time). I may have been a little overzealous in thinking we could get the room done with a new baby on the way, and multiple other projects happening.

But we are so close!

So while we’re waiting for some finishing touches to arrive, we thought we would answer a question we’ve been getting a lot lately.

Where did we get the Jungle-Themed Wallpaper from?

Let me just start by saying how obsessed I am with the wallpaper we used! It’s called Jungle Friends and it’s from Timerlea Wallpaper. In fact, Timerberlea is currently having a sale, and I’ve left the discount code below for 20% off.

Timeberlea Wallpaper is having a sale for 20% off with code JUNE20

Since wallpaper can be expensive, we ordered several samples before landing on this one. I went back and forth between choosing something less bold, but at the end of the day, it was Penelope that convinced me.

I wanted her to be happy with her new bedroom, and letting her be a part of the design process was actually really fun! We ordered a few of the samples I shared below, asking her which ones she liked the most, and narrowed it down from there.

From there we choose the colours using Jungle Friends as our guide, and hopefully, as the rest of our decor comes in it will all pull together very well. So while we wait, here are some of my favourite wallpaper ideas that would be perfect for any room in your home!

12 Jungle-Themed Wallpaper Ideas for Any Room!

Jungle-Themed Wallpaper

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