ORC Week 2: Kids Bedroom Paint Ideas & Plan

One Room Challenge update for week two! We’re going over the kid’s bedroom paint ideas, the plan of attack, and a few other key details we can’t miss.

kids bedroom paint ideas
kids bedroom paint ideas cottagecore

That was the fastest week ever! I wish I had more to show you, but we’re still in lockdown in Ontario. It’s made it hard to get the paint we need, not to mention actually finding lumber to buy and we’re met with some delays in shipping.

But we’re taking it one day or week at a time. Today we’re going over some of our kid’s bedroom paint ideas and the game plan for the rest of the One Room Challenge.

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Kids Bedroom Paint Ideas

This is our first time using paint from Farrow & Ball, but it’s been on my wish list for a very long time. Part of the appeal for me is the richly pigmented colors that Farrow & Ball is known for. Which did not disappoint, because I found colours that are perfect for a kids’ bedroom. I still want the space to be fun, but match our modern cottage aesthetic.

So today, we’re going to be working with some very beautiful shades and I’d love to know what you think.

Setting Plaster – Farrow & Ball

Sudbury Yellow – Farrow & Ball

Card Room Green – Farrow & Ball

paint ideas for kids bedroom
kids bedroom paint ideas boys and girls

The Plan for the Shared Kids Room

One of my favourite memories as a kid was sharing a bedroom with my sister. It was like I was having a sleep over with your best friend every night. I knew when we found out we were expecting, that I wanted my kids to have the same experience. At least for a year or two while they are still young enough to enjoy each other and not fight lol.

Our plan is to move them into my office, which is twice the size of Penelope’s bedroom and has a much bigger closet.

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kids bedroom paint ideas 1

Right now, we are going to leave the carpet. As much has I hate it, I don’t think we’re going to be able to complete that by the end of the 8 week challenge.

Instead we will be focusing on these 6 areas of the design:

  • Painting the walls and trim
  • Painting the closet doors
  • Build a house bed
  • Installing wallpaper on one or two of the walls
  • Painting the kid’s Ikea kitchen set
  • Decorating with new curtains, a fun kids’ carpet, and a new sheet set.

Wallpaper for the Kids Room

This entire was inspired by the Jungle Friends Wallpaper from Timberlea Wallpaper. I actually let Penelope choose the wallpaper she wanted in her new room and we based the paint colors, decor, and everything around it.

My only issue was trying to figure out if we wanted to do one wall, two walls, or all the walls in the beautiful wallpaper. With a tighter budget for this makeover, we decided to stick with covering the largest wall with wallpaper and painting the rest.

But I was just thinking about adding wallpaper to the small wall where the crib will be. I came across this photo and now I can’t stop thinking about it. But my next question is, should we add the same wallpaper? or go with another print? What do you think?

Painting the walls and trim

I fell in love with painted trim and walls when we did our bathroom makeover. Painting trim the same color as the walls give a modern twist especially when it comes to a kids bedroom. We’re going with Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster for the walls and trim.

Emily Ward

The Closet Plan

The plan for the closet is to incorporate some of the colours we see in the Jungle Friends Wallpaper. I really love the dark closet doors, with brass hardware. I found a few ideas that I love and I’ll share them below:

Kids Room Decor

Since we’re basing the entire design around the wallpaper, I want to keep the “Jungle theme” through out the room. Specifically when it comes to the prints and rich coloured materials. Here’s a look into the ideas I have for the space:

We’d love to know what you think of our kids bedroom paint ideas, and if we should be adding more wallpaper behind the crib? and if so, if we should use the same printed wallpaper or change it?

Either way, we’re super excited to see this fun room come together, and even more excited for Penelope to see it.

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