Let’s Explore 3 Paint Color Options for a Quick Fireplace Makeover

We’re exploring 3 paint color options that we love for a quick fireplace makeover.

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I’m always on the lookout for simple ways I can refresh a space with limited time and effort. This is especially true when we’re between projects or waiting to finish them.

One of the rooms we’re close to being done with is the living room. We’re about 75% there, all that’s missing is the baseboards, bookcases, and some minor decor changes. But it’s the minor changes that have been stopping me from finishing the project. I’m having a hard time deciding on colors, and the furniture layout of our small living room.

So I decided I would check off one of the problem areas from my to-do list.

Here are three paint color options that we think would be great for a quick fireplace makeover.

Fireplace Paint Color Inspiration

What are Cozy Colors?

First things first, let’s chat a bit about colors that make a room feel cozy. In order to do that we need to know what “cozy” means.




  1. giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.”a cozy cabin tucked away in the trees”

Cozy by definition is warm, snug, and loving. In a living room that could translate into any colors that make a room feel serene and calm. Most commonly seen is when designers use greys and even greens to calm a room. Neutrals can also be calming and beige is also a great saturated but still calming color.

Greens, Beige and Grey Fireplace Inspiration

Now that we have chosen the three cozy color combinations, we can test each one on the fireplace mantel. I think it’s important to choose a color that will compliment your existing colors but also highlight the focal point in the living room.

Green Fireplaces Mantels

Sage green is very trendy right now, and with good reason. I think this color can very well fall into the neutral category if used correctly. You can use any color in your home regardless of style because it all comes down to tone and saturation. See some of the examples below of how a green fireplace mantel is perfect for a room.

How pretty is this forest green fireplace?

The green fireplace even looks amazing with red bricks. It works so well together!

Everything about this screams cozy.

I love how they continued the green paint up to the ceiling and added a wooden mantle.

Beige Fireplace Mantels

There are so many shades of beige to choose from, and that can be hard. At least for me, it was, and I made a mistake on this color choice. In stores, it looked a lot cooler than it did when I got it home and tested it. But done right a beige painted fireplace can look so beautiful.

This is a little more grey, rather than beige but still so beautiful.

The cottage-core style is very on-trend as well, and I love the look of this beige-painted fireplace.

This fireplace would be a dream to own.

Grey fireplace mantels

I’ve been drawn to a lot of greys lately, from grey stone to grey paint. We have a beautiful sample color that I want to use somewhere in my house but I haven’t found the perfect place yet. Grey is another great color option for a cozy fireplace makeover.

We really want to hide the tv, and the best way would be to use paint or to buy the Samsung Frame TV. That way it looks like art above the fireplace instead of a big black square. Also, I don’t love how big the tv is, it makes our mantle look so small and it just doesn’t look right.

This inspiration photo is the perfect example of how to make a tv look good above a fireplace.

I was thinking about doing something similar and bringing the paint all the way up to the ceiling. What do you think?

This is what I think about when I think of a cozy fireplace.

This fireplace is balanced with strong wood tones.

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Choosing the Right Paint for a Fireplace Makeover

cozy fireplace makeover paint ideas | Fireplace Paint Color Inspiration

I visited our local paint shop and told them my plan to give our fireplace a cozy makeover. They steered me in the direction of a few paint options, and I chose to use Jolie Paints. It’s a chalk paint brand that is water-based, non-toxic, and all-around very beautiful paint. I’ve also heard of a lot of DIY’ers who use Jolie Paints for their furniture makeovers.

What are Names of the Paint Colors we used?

Anyway, we’re going to decide between three different colors of cozy. Our first one is called “Graphite” which is a dark grey almost black. Next is called “Sage” for the sage green color it is. I also saw these in-store and Sage was my top pick, but it’s funny how different colors can look depending on the space it’s in. Lastly, we choose “cocoa” which is a beige color that looked great in-store but in person, it has too much red in it.

Fireplace Paint Color Inspiration

5 Things you Should Think about Before Painting

Just like choosing the right shade of paint, and the right type of paint, it’s important to think about everything else in the room. I’ve included a few of the main questions you should ask yourself before painting the fireplace mantel.

In order to make sure your fireplace makeover will look amazing, you have to consider the following:

  • Will the paint colour you choose look good with you home’s colour palatte?
  • Does the size of your living room impact how that colour looks or feels? is it too big and bright to use a moody color?
  • Are there too many windows? or not enough for a light colour?
  • How does the colour look in the light? does it change colour and if it does will it still look good?
  • The color of your furniture is important. Does the color of your sofa compliment or compete?

Now that you know the thought process behind the cozy fireplace makeover, which paint color will you choose?

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