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Finding time for self-care in a busy world.

Today we’re going to talk about self-care, and what...


  1. rasi gupta says

    All such excellent points indeed! In Indian culture, people need the opposite of family time lol. A little bit of enjoying your own company if you will.
    Great post.

    • stephanie says

      Hahah! I totally get that, I need alone time too. My husband doesn’t understand my need for quiet time ?. Thanks for reading xoxo

  2. Madi Dearson says

    Self-care is so important to remeber, and it’s not easy to do that for busy moms. We tend to put ourselves last after everyone else is taking care of. Sleep is the problem area for me, I am a night owl by nature and my kids are early roosters by nature so you can see the problem:) but night time is usually my ME time when I get to read a book or watch some tv without interruptions so that’s how I turn my dubious sleeping habits to self-care too:)

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