Home Tour: A Modern Escape in Huntsville, Ontario

Post Summary: This Huntsville Airbnb is a modern escape just a few hours north of Toronto. We’re sharing our experience and why you’ll want to book a stay next!

Huntsville Airbnb

This week we’re back with our last home tour of 2023, and it’s one of my favorites. Built by Rebecca and Garth, The WoleGib in Huntsville, Ontario is only a few hours north of Toronto. They invited us to spend the weekend so I could share this modern luxury escape with you.

We arrived just before dinner on Friday, ordered takeout from Main St. Local (which is only a 10-15 minute drive), and relaxed with the kids.

There is a hot tub, which if you haven’t been in a hot tub on a cold, wintery day you are missing out! We all loved spending the evenings, relaxing in it. Now, add a glass of wine after dinner and you’ll have the best sleep of your life.

Which reminds me, the beds were soft, and the pillows were amazing. If you’re anything like me, I love our bed at home and my standards are high. So take my word for it, you can expect to be well rested at the Wolegib.

The next day, we asked Rebecca for recommendations on family-friendly activities. It turns out there is a lot to do for families in and around the Huntsville area (I’m sharing their seasonal recommendations below). We ended up letting the kids pick what we did, which was play ping pong, of all things, followed by a short hike around the property.

But I highly suggest planning ahead because there are some fun activities the whole family will love.

Keep reading for our Q&A with the owners of the Wolegib, a Huntsville Airbnb.

That evening it was my turn to decide where to go for dinner, and Allora is a fine dining experience with an Italian menu. I highly suggest, the Pappardelle Al Ragu!

After dinner we spent a little time downtown Huntsville, watching the lights. It was a scene straight from a Hallmark movie. We made it back to the Wolegib in time to make a fire and enjoy a little bit more of the hot tub before putting the kids to bed.

It was truly a wonderful, restorative weekend getaway that our family needed.

But I know you’re probably here to know more about the design of this gorgeous modern retreat. So I asked Rebecca and Garth if they were interested in answering a few questions:

The Wolegib, Huntsville Airbnb

Could you tell us a bit about The Wolegib Retreat in Huntsville, Ontario? What makes it unique?

It is situated on the Muskoka River between Mary and Fairy Lake in Huntsville.  We love the close proximity of the cottage to the beach and dock area which makes it easy for all ages and abilities to go back and forth when enjoying a day by the water. 

The river is calm which makes for great swimming, and we have 2 boat slips so you can also explore the 4 large Muskoka lakes right from our dock.  Since the cottage is on 3 acres of land and is directly across from conservation land, it is very quiet and private. You feel secluded, yet the town of Huntsville is less than 10 minutes away if you get the itch to shop or eat at one of its many great restaurants. 

What is the square footage of The Wolegib?

The Wolegib Retreat is a 1200 sq ft bungalow with a finished basement, totaling almost 2400 sqft of living space. 

huntsville airbnb

Design and Layout

What were the key design elements you focused on to make it functional yet comfortable?

The Wolegib Retreat was built as a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, unplug, connect with nature, and most importantly, spend quality time with our 3 kids.

We wanted to create a space that was modern and minimalist, but that still had a cozy Muskoka feel to it. By far, our favorite feature is the floor-to-ceiling windows which allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of Muskoka.

At the time, our kids were all under the age of 5, so as much as the style and aesthetic were important, it was more important that it was a practical space for young kids. The Wolegib Retreat is just that. It is a Scandinavian-style cottage with an open-concept floor plan that allows us to cook, play, and cozy up by the fire all in the same room.

During the design process, we sacrificed wants like hardwood floors and chose luxury vinyl flooring instead so we didn’t have to stress about kids coming in with wet bathing suits and sandy feet.  We furnished the space with practical pieces such as the large sectional couch in the living room with machine washable covers which means we don’t have to panic when someone spills their hot chocolate.

How have you maximized the use of space to accommodate families?

Large Sectional couch with enough room for everyone, full over full bunk bed in one of the guest rooms, Large recreational room in the basement for the kids to play. 

Family-Friendly Features of the Wolegib

What are some of the family-friendly features of the property?

The cottage is 100 feet from the water/dock and all on the same level to make it easy for going back and forth to grab drinks, and food, or put the baby down for a nap. No stairs to climb for elderly parents who join in on the stay. 

  • Outdoor playground 
  • Private beach and dock
  • The river is calm and clean for swimming
  • Canoe and kayak 
  • Fully stocked kitchen 
  • on-site laundry
  • Starlink Internet for anyone needing to work remotely

Personal Touches

When we travel, we value clean and well-maintained properties. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a property and it looks 10 years older than the pictures, so we are constantly doing maintenance at the Wolegib from replacing towels, toys, and amenities that are looking tired to doing regular paint touch-ups. 

Sustainability and Efficiency

The Wolegib Retreat is a modular home that appeals to us as the building process yields less material wasted, reduced energy consumption, less noise, and air pollution.

Local Community and Activities – Huntsville Airbnb

What are some family-friendly activities or attractions nearby that you recommend?

Summer: Hiking, star gazing, water sports, 

Hiking: Arrowhead Provincial Park & Limberslost Reserve

Skiing: Hidden Valley Ski Hill

Skating: The famous Arrowhead Provincial Park skating trailSnowshoeing & cross country skiing Dog Sledding 


What advice would you give to someone looking to create a modern, yet functional living space?

Try furniture out before buying, make sure it’s comfortable and washable in some way. If you have kids or plan to share your space with others with kids, don’t buy designer pieces that can’t easily be replaced. 

Book your stay

The Wolegib Muskoka

Book your perfect modern retreat, that’s only a few hours north of Toronto. This Huntsville Airbnb is the perfect getaway for families, couples, friends, or a solo trip.

I wanted to thank Rebecca and Garth for being the most wonderful hosts, and for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope you, our awesome readers enjoyed this home tour and check out more about The Wolegib Retreat, as well as their other properties (you won’t believe how awesome the other one is!) on Uniquestays.ca.

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