What’s in my cart this week 12.20.20

Hey! I’m back from a short two-week break. I really needed some time off social media, away from work, and most importantly the news. My mental health was suffering, and to be completely honest; I lost a lot of family and friends this year and the number keeps growing. So anyway thank you for sticking around, and I’m excited to bring a bit more lifestyle content back. This break gave me time to reflect on the things that make me happy, that serve a purpose and I felt if I didn’t share all my life I wasn’t doing this blog justice.

whats in my cart

Well, I was thinking about some of my favorite posts and what they all have in common. Since I’m always looking for the latest, greatest beauty and decor buy I thought I needed to be sharing those finds for you all as well.

So welcome to the “What’s in my cart” weekly post. You will find weekly finds, steals and the can’t live without products I’m eyeing.

What’s in my cart – 12.20.20


My poor hands have been so dry lately, as they usually do in the winter months. This is why I wanted to update this simple ritual and inject some luxury in it. I hope this makes me use hand lotion more!


I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I want to change up some of my art in our hallway. I’ve been looking into adding painted canvas, I love the textures and simple lines. Some of my favourite options I’ve shared below.

Winter Jackets

Another must-have is a winter jacket! We had another snowstorm today, and the only jacket I have is the ASOS belted slouchy coat. It’s not warm enough to be out in a blizzard pulling a child in a sleigh that’s forsure.

for little’s

I can’t forget about sharing something for the little’s in this weeks “what’s in my cart” post. I mean Christmas is right around the corner, but one of the most important things to me this year is filling her library with important topics. Like self-love, and learning about the environment, plus a few other social issues we need to teach our children about. Some new ones I’ve shared below.

Thanks for stopping by! What’s in your cart this week?

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