So how much is my house worth? + before and afters!

We bought our home three years ago, just before I had Penelope. At the time we were living at my parents, because we had just sold our Toronto condo just a few months before. We knew the clock was ticking and we needed to find a place to call home.

how much is my house worth

We were actively looking at homes, but almost every place we saw had something we felt was a non-negotiable. Until one day we were at one of my doctors appointment and Tony came across a home that was just posted, we called our Realestate agent and within a few minutes we had a viewing.

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how much is my house worth

I remember walking in for the first time, seeing all the windows, big beautiful backyard and I instantly knew this would be our first real home. So we managed to buy at $275,000.00 and at the time we weren’t the only ones who saw the potential. There was a bidding war and thankfully the previous owners wanted a small family to raise their children here instead.

How much is our house worth?

So I asked our real estate agent, how much is our house worth? and she told us that without any-added value renovations we are looking at $399,000.00. Mind you we know there isn’t alot of competition, and inventory is really low right now. Which sounds like it’s a good time to sell, but probably not the best time to be buying.

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Let’s see some before pictures!

I love creating budget-friendly renovations especailly when they have a big impact on your home. Which is why almost every room we have started with a can of paint, and a few decor changes. So far that has done us well, saved us thousands of dollars and earned us a big return.


how much is my house worth

I was not a fan of all the brown in our home, the flooring, brown counters, and the wood cabinets. I wanted to do a Phase 1 update, which just meant I wanted to paint the cabinets for now. You can read more about installing shiplap in your kitchen here.


The bathroom was another simple paint job and one I loved! I am just waiting on paint to finish the walls, but I wish we would have been able to add the wallpaper and new flooring like I wanted.

Toddler Bedroom

Probably the biggest and best makeover was Penelope’s bedroom! I added wallpaper, painted, and added a few simple decor pieces. It worked out amazing and I was also going to add a new carpet later this year.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was another simple paint job, and decor update. What I wish we would have changed was the fan, carpet and maybe I would have added wallpaper to the back wall. But honestly I was loving the minimalist look of our home, the white paint with lots of natural light.

Living Room

how much is my house worth

I love our minimalistic living room, and once again we only added a few simple things. Like a new machine-washable carpet, coffee table, and white paint which made a massive difference in the dark looking room pictured above. The only thing I wanted to change to this room was replacing the carpet with vinyl flooring.

There is still one room left to go, but I wanted to end with our living room. Not because we aren’t planning on doing a budget-friendly update on our “guest room” but because we have a collaboration coming up to turn that room into an office (which I’m so excited for!).

So when we do sell, I know how much my house is worth.

What do you want in a home? and what would you change about yours?

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