5 Relatable Ways to Survive Parenting Solo

Today’s Article we’re sharing 5 Relatable Ways to Survive Parenting Solo.

surviving solo parenting

It was a very exasperating week when Tony went on a work trip. Penelope’s budding separation anxiety and my growing to-do list made me feel a bit overwhelmed. Monday started off great, Tuesday was still okay but Wednesday things were buckling at the seams, and finally, by Thursday I knew I needed some help.

If you’ve ever felt like a hamster on a wheel, constantly running but never getting anywhere? You’re not alone.

Which I suppose is really motherhood in a nutshell, but this week was especially hard and of course, also happened to be the week I was without my partner. I often think when it’s just us two how hard it must be for single parents who have either no help or no family close by, I honestly do not know people do it. Mix running a business, working, or going to school in there and it’s a recipe for a nervous breakdown.

However, I can confidently say this week from hell has taught me a thing or two about patience. Perhaps more importantly it has taught me how to survive a week of solo parenting with a toddler.

5 Relatable Ways to Survive Parenting Solo

1. Get Outside

It’s been pretty cold here lately, the seasons are shifting and every other day it seems to snow. But that doesn’t stop us from getting bundled up to go outdoors.

how to survive solo parenting

There’s nothing like a little vitamin D to change a whiny, miserable attitude into a positive (or tired) one. Most of the time I let her play with whatever she wants, if that is her water table on a nice day or jumping in puddles. Whatever works because at the end of the day things can be cleaned, and baths can be drawn.

Your mental health is more important!

how to survive a bad week

2. Let your Children Help you do Something

When it’s been a rough day, and wine just isn’t an option. I will take a second or two to recompose myself and figure out how I can get my child to help me do something.

For example, if it’s laundry I let her sort the clothes, put them in the washer or dryer, and press the button. During lunch or dinner, she will get a wooden spoon with a bowl and ask her to help “mama cook” and she just loves it.

Usually, it’s an easy win and I have a second where I can breathe again.

Usually its an easy win and I have a second where I can breathe again.

3. Put on a Movie or an Educational Game.

I saved this tip as one of my last resorts because I don’t like her to spend too much time on her Ipad or watching tv. But there are times when your mental wellbeing is more important, and during those times I like to have some apps pre-downloaded. There are several educational games I leave on the iPad like Learning with Homer, Fish School, or PBS Kids.

But there are times when your survival is more important

4. It is Okay, Not to be Okay

I struggled all week with feeling like I should be able to parent by myself, until I finally made a call to my parents to come recuse me. There will always be good days, bad days and really bad days. But the good thing is to remember tomorrow is another day, and its okay to have a glass of wine or bottle.

My takeaway from this week is I do need help, everyone does once and it’s okay to call for reinforcements. It’s also okay to have wine stored away for days when your child is whiney, and maybe even try to incorporate yoga or some sort of mediation before your little ones wake up. If your having a horrible week just remember tomorrow is another day and these bad days/weeks won’t last forever.

If your having a horrible week just remember tomorrow is another day and these bad days/weeks won’t last forever.

surviving a week of solo parenting

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