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15 Books to Read While You’re at Home

A question I am always asking everyone is “What’s...


  1. Rachel says

    I have been itching to read Becoming! I think I’ll download in iBook because there’s no way to get to the school library and borrow it now! The books you recommend for entrepreneurs seen interesting and I’ll be looking into them both!
    Thank you. I loved this post. I saw myself in the second paragraph. I finished Harry Potter books in 2 days! I also enjoyed the hardy boys and Nancy drew books. Oh and I can’t forget the Sweet Valley High series.

    • stephanie says

      It is SO GOOD!! I love that Michelle Obama narrates it and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her story. I love that you were able to connect with that, those were of my favorite memories as a kid and I also LOVED Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew! What are some books you’re currently reading or planning to read? I feel like you would have some really good recommendations.

  2. Maria Koss says

    Thank you for the list! I’ve been surrounding myself with books since I was a child, and it is always good to have something new to the existing library.

    • stephanie says

      <3 I love that you were like that too. I always gravitate back towards books when life feels uncertain.

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