Immune Boosting Supplements and Grocery List

Immune boosting supplements and a healthy grocery list to prevent you from getting sick.

In light of recent event’s our weekly grocery list has changed a bit, but I still make sure I eat and take immune-boosting supplements to keep my body healthy. I hope this will encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle and choose foods higher in nutrients and minerals your body needs to fight off any virus, toxin or bacteria.

Supplements to take for boosting your immune system.

I make sure I focus on these dietary suggestions for an overall immune boost during the flu season:

  • Add spices and herbs ( Onion, garlic, turmeric to almost every meal)
  • Avoid as much alcohol, refined sugars, and any processed foods (limit my wine consumption)
  • Eat all your vegetables and fruits (eat the rainbow)

I was talking to a friend this morning about missing the farmer’s markets on Sundays. It’s a routine I kind of took for granted and it’s where I would get most of my groceries from. I would make my rounds picking up whatever fruits and vegetables were in season, stop for fresh meat from our butcher and swing by a local farm to get fresh eggs and milk. It made me look forward to picking out new herbs and spices to try, as well as eating more fresh produce. However, our local farmer’s markets are closed for the time being, and we’ve been trying out different grocery stores. I haven’t been buying organic and natural as much as I would like to because I find that some grocery stores can be a bit tricky to find all the items I need. That being said we try to get what we can right now, and I always keep supplements at home that help boost our immune systems. So if we are unable to grab certain immune boosting foods I try to make sure I take my vitamins every day just incase.

Immune Boosting Supplements

Natures Calm | Cherry – My mom uses this and swears by it. There are so many health benefits from taking magnesium, including helping me get a good night’s sleep and be more relaxed. I just do a spoon full of hot water just before bed.    

Detox tea – I always finish the day off with a cup of hot tea, lately, I’ve been loving the Par Avion Tea’s nightcap wellness tea. It helps rid the body of toxins that could inhibit your bodys natural immune boosting response.

Vitamin C – During flu season I up my vitamin C intake by taking a supplement in the morning, usually before my coffe.

Zinc– A great way to supplement when you don’t eat a lot of meat, fish, dairy or eggs.

Plant-Based Protein – This is one I’ve been using forever, and I always use it in a smoothie at least once a day. Even if its for dinner, sometimes I want something sweet and this is the perfect thing to have. 

All-in-One Nutrition supplement – These all in one supplement have been a favorite in our home for a long time. I drink this first thing in the morning usually after my fast and it always helps me feel amazing all day.

Marine Collagen – this is something new to my routine but so far I’ve been loving it in my morning coffee. I don’t think it does much for immune boosting but its something I’ve been taking more of and wanted to include it anyway.



Honeycrisp Apples



Lemons (2 lb bag)

Limes (1 lb bag) 


Baby Bok Choy

Pitted Honey Dates 

Organic Cass Avocado’s 3 pack (2)

Asparagus Organic Carrots Bunched (1 bunch)

Sweet Potatoes (3 lb bag) 

cooking onions (only when needed) 

Cauliflower Brussel Sprouts Organics (frozen) 

English Cucumber Kale Bunch 

Organic Broccoli Peppers (2 pack) 



President’s Choice Gluten-Free Spaghetti Casbah

Couscous Lemon Spinach PC Organics

White Quinoa Rizopia

Brown Rice Shells or Chickpea Shells Pasta 

Lightly Salted Roasted Chickpeas (2 packs) 

Organic Stoned Wheat Crackers

Multiseed Organic Hummus (2 packs) 

Central Roast

Dry Roasted Salted Almonds 

Organic Granola Gluten-Free Bread (or Ezikiel bread) 

Organic Oatmeal (tastes the best)


My dad and Tony catch our own salmon and trout so we never buy from the stores. 

Ground Lean Turkey (2 packs) 

Cowboy Steaks (1 pack of 7) 

Ground beef (making homemade burgers) (2 packs)

Meat Alternatives

Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders

Yves Crispy Nuggets


Ripple Pea Milk Unsweetened Vanilla (x2) or Almond Milk (depends on sales)

Green Valley free-range Eggs 

Silk Soy for Coffee (3) 

Coffee (We like Nestle Original Coffee and Tim Hortons for Keurig)

So Delicious Coconut Yogurt

Vegan Shredded Cheese


Larabar, Fruit & Nut Energy Bar, Cashew (case) or Kind Bar, Mini Dark Chocolate Nuts (case) 

Organic Raw Kombucha (usually keep 1 or 2 in my fridge) 

Tazo tea or some kind of detox tea.


Thirsty Buddha All Natural Coconut Water (2 bottles) 

Flo Water, (2 cases) 

San Pallegrino or Carbonated Tea in Peach or lemon

Nutritional Yeast Spurilina Popcorn (Usually the Sweet and Salty) 

Paleo Puff’s (pack of 9)

Different spices and herbs (If I can’t get fresh I will grab whatever the grocery store has and chop them up when I get home)  

Toddler Food & Snacks

PC Organics, Toddler Apple Juice (1 L) 

Animal crackers

Toddler Mini Alphabet Pasta

Love Child

Organic Lentil in Banana

PopcyclesYogurt Tubes (2 packs)  

Pretzel Sticks

Eating for Immune Support

Morning Breakfast

I wrote a post on Intermittent fasting and I still do this. I usually start my day with a hot cup of lemon water and salt.  Followed by a big glass of water and a coffee. 

Take vitamins, medications, and take an all-in-one supplement.

Midday Snacks

I love making smoothies and always make note of that when im doing my grocery list. So I will buy more spinach one week or more berries to switch up my smoothie recipes. I also freeze fruits or vegetables that are going bad so we aren’t wasting food, and I will add a scoop of protein so it helps me stay fuller longer.

I’ve also been eating a lot of hummus lately, usually with pretzel sticks or I’ll cut up carrots and peppers.

We are huge snackers in this house, I love buying different cereals to snack on while I’m working or watching TV.

Lunch or Dinner options  

My favorite lunch is a yogurt bowl, with lots of fruit like bananas and strawberries. I add some almond, cashew, and coconut flakes. Then I will top it off with dark chocolate and chia seeds.

I regularly make my favorite simple pasta recipe.

Another thing I wanted to note when I’m making our grocery list is that I really try to eat seasonally. In the summer we eat more fresh fish and fresh salads and in the winter we will eat deer and yams or rice. I hope you were able to get some direction for when you do your grocery shopping, and have an idea of what immune-boosting supplements you need to avoid getting sick.

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