5 Screen-Free Activities for Kids

This post is sponsored by the Molly of Denali Podcast. We’re sharing 5 toddler-approved screen-free activities perfect for quiet time!

screen-free activities for kids

I’m going, to be honest, we have had more screen time than I would like to admit lately. Constantly finding activities to do for kids is not the easiest thing, especially when your working from home. But it is so important for children’s early development to try other things, which is exactly why I’m sharing 5 screen-free activities for quiet time.

5 Toddler Approved Screen-Free Activities

The success of a day truly depends on our routine, and I’ve learned over the years that Penelope thrives off a schedule. So every day at 1:30 she usually goes for a nap or we have quiet time for about an hour. But again, kids don’t like to follow all the rules and some days I’m happy if I can get 20 minutes. But hopefully, this will give you some ideas for a bit of quiet time.

Listen to the Molly of Denali Podcast

We’re huge fans of the Molly of Denali tv series, which is why I knew Penelope would love the Molly of Denali podcast! I mean our entire family loves listening too! It’s an interactive adventure and I’ve never seen Penelope so interested in listening to a story in my life.

Another reason we’re huge fans of the Molly of Denali podcast is because of the Indigenous storytelling. I can relate to a lot of the Alaska Native culture and values, and I really love sharing that with our daughter. The podcast follows the journey of an Alaska Native girl named Molly around her village of Quyah. She’s so smart, curious, and everything I want Penelope to be. It’s also a great way to introduce Indigenous Cultures to children, and start a conversation surrounding that.

screen-free activities kids podcast


Make a Blanket Fort

Trust me, your kids will love making blanket forts! I’ve been helping Penelope make forts the way she wants, letting her have a full creative say in it (as long as it’s safe). I think she loves that I’m letting her make a mess inside. I’ll usually bring her an afternoon snack, books, and some crayons to color with. It’s like her own personal castle or cave! I’ll usually have to go check on her because she will sometimes fall asleep in it..

Indoor Picnic

This one of the best screen-free activities to do with kids. They also really love helping prepare for the picnic, and encouraging them to be independent is a great idea. There’s a ton of snack ideas you can let them choose from, along with water for the tea cups. We usually set up a few dolls and stuffed animals for Penelope while she gets to pick out a dress to wear.

Colouring Mats

This activity is similar to using colouring books but so much bigger! We usually grab ours from amazon, and the best part is they can be reused over and over again. It’s such a massive piece of paper a child could spend hours and still not get it completely coloured. Plus you don’t have to worry about a big mess after.

Pretend Play

The last activity we’ve been loving lately is pretend play. There’s so much you can do and a child’s imagination is truly endless. We’ve played Molly of Denali, Princesses, Veterinarians, Police and so many more. It’s even more fun with a few dress up items!

When I first started this blog I wanted it to show not only our renovations, and projects but also how we live in our home. I wanted to share tips and tricks for motherhood since this is the current season we’re in.

I’ve linked almost everything from Penelope’s bedroom in these posts below if you’re interested!

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