14+ Christmas Decor Ideas to Buy Today!

These are 14+ Christmas Decor ideas you should buy today! These things always sell out fast and are too cute to miss out on.

14+ Christmas Decor Ideas to Buy Today

Before I started blogging, I wouldn’t start thinking about Christmas decor ideas until after Halloween. But blogging completely changed that, now I need to have Christmas decoration ideas finalized, ordered, and the designs fully planned out 2 weeks before Halloween.

Which is insane I know.

Don’t worry, because if you’re not a blogger you don’t have to start shopping that early. But after years of doing this, I have started to notice a trend with certain Holiday decor. Most of the really pretty stuff sells out before the first week of November!

So I figured I’d share a list with you in hopes you can also get your hands on some of my favorites this year. Then I could show you how to style it later on.

14+ Christmas Decor Ideas to Buy Today!

Just before we get into the decor ideas for Christmas, I wanted to answer one of the most asked questions this time of the year.

What are our favorite shops to buy Christmas Decor?

Now on to the 14+ Christmas decor ideas that you need to get before they sell out. I’ll keep adding to this list as I find more, but honestly, these are some of my favorites. I actually just ordered at least 5 from this list before I wrote it on the blog.

Also, make sure you come back to SPV Living so you can see all our Holiday content!

Happy shopping friend!

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